Futura 121 Carbon, Windsurfing Journal (Germany), Yearbook 2013


On the beach:
The Futura is the freerace board by Starboard and is supposed to develop similar topspeeds as the iSonic, its pure bred slalom cousin. Yet at the same time, it is supposed to be easier to control. The 121 is the third largest of the six-board line up, and in comparison to last year, the boards approach the iSonic shape more and more. The hull features new cutout shapes that instantly draw attention, and the tail has some wing features. For the front and back straps, there is an outer row of inserts with three options, and an inner plug row with two options. The board features standard pads, Drake straps with an adjustable scale and a plug that ensures your straps won't twist. The board comes with a 44cm long G10 fin.

On the water:
The Futura is Starboard's freerace weapon and in comparison, it's lost a couple of centimeters in width compared to its predecessor. So even before a beachstart, it looks a little faster than before. But when you're shlogging along, the decreased width doesn't pose a problem as you will stand on the domed deck in a relaxed pose and the board feels composed. Although some windsurfers will have to get used to the deep concave around the mast foot. As soon as the first gust hits the sail, playtime is over and the Futura will accelerate with such speed that some inexperienced freeriders will have trouble finding their straps before they hit warp speed. The top speed of this board really is very impressive, as it really flies along with pressure on the (excellent) fin and the only limit is imposed by the rider itself. But where pure bred slalom boards are a handful in chop, the Futura plays nicely and the difference in which it absorbs chop bombardment will make itself felt.

Guys who want to be the fastest on the water will love the Futura, and those who prefer to cruise around with a tad bit less ferociousness, are well advised with the Carve. The Futura is upwind as fast as the Carve on a reach. The board will go through its gybes consistently but one should really choose wide arches. This is what brings out its planing characteristics, and in no time, the board is back to ridiculous speeds.

The verdict:
To those who like to race their friends on the weekend; never ever recommend the Futura to your peers, as it just makes them more competitive. Regardless of its very real slalom-like performance, experienced riders will be able to control it with ease and make it go through gybes like butter. Progressive riders and those who prefer to cruise and maneuver should check out the Carve instead.

Length: 246cm
Width: 72cm
Weight: 7.18kg
Volume: 121liters
Fin: 44cm/G10

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