iSonic 107 Carbon, Windsurf (UK), 2013

This test, amongst many others, was featured in the March edition of Windsurf UK, available here!

Low down:
The iSonic is Starboard’s PWA Production slalom racing line. For 2013 the range is split into three size categories (S, M &L) and the 107 fits bang in the medium grouping. This season the biggest tweaks to the 107 have involved tuned rail profiles (slightly thicker), new side and tail cut-outs and a superior full carbon bottom and deck layup.

At a glance:
• Deep deck concave
• Raised deck area around footstraps
• Double concave hull with Vee in the tail
• Large tail cut-outs
• Squash tail winger with wide rounded nose
• Full carbon construction
• Light and narrow Drake straps
• Joint lightest on test

As the volume is mainly focused aft - leaving very little float forward - the iSonic isn’t the most stable off-the-plane. Thankfully this isn’t much of a problem due to the stunning acceleration that rapidly whips you through the gears. The ride from the straps is superb, with the raised stance area putting you in a powerful-yet-comfortable riding position that delivers a fully engaged and connected-to-the board sensation. The iSonic is extremely fast in a straight line. Lifting up and then riding very flat, it deals with chop extremely well - despite having such a short nose. Come gybe time there’s no loss of speed and, once you’ve set your arc, you’ll carve easily through almost any curve and power through the exit with maximum speed.

The Verdict:
The iSonic is a seriously fast board but it’s the immediate acceleration and ability to swiftly pull away from other boards that sets it apart. Yes, it’s a technical bit of racing kit and, in the hands of an expert there’s no doubt it will win races, yet at the same time this 107 is comfortable to ride and has an accessible level of performance that less experienced riders can easily enjoy. .

Length: 235cm
Width: 68.5cm
Volume: 107l
Weight: 6.8kg
Fin: Not supplied (Tuttle)
Other sizes: 80, 87, 9, 97, 110, 117, 127 and 137

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