iSonic 110 Carbon, Planchemag (France), March 2013 [EN-FR]

iSonic 110 Carbon: Efficient in a huge wind range - Testers' Favorite

Length: 227cm
Width: 75.6cm
Volume: 110
Weight: 6.8kg
Fin: Not supplied (Tuttle)
Other sizes: 80, 87, 9, 97, 110, 117, 127 and 137

On the Water:

The iSonic 110’s quickness to get on the plane is the most striking of the test boards, with an exceptional low-speed efficiency allowing the board to go through wind lulls easier than all of its competitors.

"La plus percutante dans le départ au planing, cette 110 est redoutable à bas régime, avec un meilleur passage des trous d'air que les autres, surtout quand on serre le vent."

It remains very easy to control and incredibly fast for a board that wide!

"Elle reste facile à contrôler et incroyablement rapide pour une planche de cette largeur!"

The more the winds shift in direction and strength, the more the iSonic 110 stands out thanks to a homogeneous performance level, at all speeds and all angles.

"Plus les vents varient en force et en direction, plus elle s'impose grâce à un niveau de performance plus homogène."

The Starboard is the ideal board for light/medium winds and lighter riders looking for the best planing and performance to volume ratio; the ultra-compact 110 performs in the widest range of conditions.

"Idéale comme planche de petit temps pour des gabarits légers qui recherchent le meilleur ratio planing/performances/encombrement, cette 110 litres ultra-compacte est performante dans un maximum de conditions de naviguation."

Pros: Wind and user range (planing to control ratio); can be driven in finesse and glide or with power; performs at all speeds; jibes’ exit; weight and lightness; excellent planing

Planing: 10 / 10

Control: 9 / 10

Top speed: 10 / 10

Jibe: 9.5 / 10

Upwind: 10 / 10

Accessibility/Stability: 9.5 / 10

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