Kode Freestyle Wave 94 Wood, Windsurfing Journal (Germany), Yearbook 2013

On the beach:
The Kode freestylewave is Starboard's golden egg-laying goose that happens to vomit diamonds in the weekend. (Editor: "eierlegende Wollmilchsau"). Nine boards from 72 liters up to 123, with certain volume ranges being classified as types. This 94 liter Kode belongs to the wave-freestyle group, and has two brothers in the sizes 86 and 103. to give theseb oard the necessariy agility within the range, they've been shaped with a clear V and a single-fin setup, whereas the Kode Wave boards have a double concave and a twin-fin/convertible setup. The Kode FW has two rows of inserts with two options for its front straps and at the bak you may choose for one or two straps in two possible positions.

The pads are called sponge-pads that left a favourable impression, and the board comes with a 28cm G10 fin, with its shape unchanged to its predecessor.

On the water:
The Kode Freestyle Wave in this size is one of the classic freemove boards that instantly gives you that typical Starboard sensation. For a change it doesn't come of all goody-goody, but challenges the rider instead. We'd like to call this sensation "electrifying" or "exciting". The Kode FW will please accomplished and very accomplished windsurfers on flat water, because this is where you can use it for anything. Its remarkably fast and easily a top-three contender in speed. High-speed runs feel loose and you're shot over the water, requiring you to stay focussed to keep the board on track. But the board will also allow you to trim the straps more on the inside, and go for yoru basic freestyle repertoire. Even new-school tricks are possible and inconsistent freestylers will make rapid progress on this board. You may also use it in the waves, where it loses some allround points, as not every radius feels equally easy.

The Kode 94 Freestyle Wave presents itself as the high-performance bump-and-jump board, that allows you to do freestyle as well. Top performance is excellent and a good combination of exciting and consistent characteristics.

Length: 234cm
Width: 61cm
Volume: 94l
Weight: 6.3kg
Fin: 28cm/G10

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