Kode Freestyle Wave 86 Carbon, SURF (Germany), April 2013

This test, amongst many others, was featured in the April edition of SURF!

Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave 86 Carbon: "The board with the lightest feel on test"

Length: 234cm
Width: 58.5cm
Weight: 6.30kg
Volume: 86 liters
Fin: Drake Freewave 25cm / US Box
Available sizes: 86, 94 and 103

On Land:

The Kode Freestyle Wave shows off a visible carbon-look, extremely soft and comfortable footstraps with were the testers' favorites. These straps are placed on relatively small but thick pads. The US box for the single fin is a thing of beauty, as it allows you to easily extend your fin collection for the Kode.

On the Water:

The Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave was one of the testers favorite, while another simply denied it a top-three placement. Strange? Not at all, because for those of you looking for a board that will jump, slide through freestyle moves, in combination with a lively and loose feel, the Kode is the board to order. The board with the lightest feel out of the whole test group, has a deck, pads and straps that will simply connect to your feet and will go through slides swiftly, but also stable and well within control. In medium- to tight radius jibes, you may instantly adjust the arch, but if you don’t pay attention the board will do this by itself. Because at least in chop, the Kode requires applied guidance through your curves and tight jibing and cutbacks are not its strong points. To those looking for a board with wave-DNA and snappy turning capabilities, there are other, better alternatives. For blasting, jumping and advanced freestyle tricks, the Kode is an ideal partner.

SURF Recommendation:

An extremely light-feeling board; not a single one jumps easier and better – for advanced riders who also want to work on their freestyle moves.

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