Kode Freestyle Wave 94 Carbon, Windsurfing Jahrbuch (Germany), 2013

The Kode Freestyle Wave is Starboard's award-winning do-it-all board: aggressive, fast and maneuverable, with a balanced blend between wave, freestyle and freeride. They are the one-board-quiver solution. For 2014, the Kodes Freestyle Wave have only been tweaked. The goal was to keep the characteristics everyone loved while improving a few features such as control and liveliness. These results were obtained thanks to a Flare-inspired “bullet nose”.

The following test was featured in the 2013 annual edition of Windsurf Jahrbuch! A total of 7 "multi-talented" boards were stacked against each other and here is what came out.

Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave 94 Carbon: "The best of the test"

Length: 234 cm
Width: 61 cm
Weight: 6.38 kg
Volume: 94 liters
Fin: Drake Freewave 28 (US Box)

Sail range: 4.5m² - 6.5m²
Available sizes: 86, 94 and 103 liters
Available constructions: Carbon, Wood and Technora


The Kode Freestyle Wave is the all-in-one board by Starboard, suitable for every kind of conditions, riders and style. The full Kode range is composed of 9 boards in two sub-ranges, going from 67 liters to 103 liters. The Kode Freestyle Wave boards are available in three sizes and technologies: 86, 94 and 103 liters. The bottom shape of these boards has a flat Vee and a single fin setup to make them agile and fast, whereas the Kode Wave have double concaves and a twin fin setup. For 2014, the Kode Freestyle Waves have been tweaked for speed with a much lower nose rocker.

The Kode 94 offers two inside and two outside inserts for the front straps as well as two single back strap options and two double back straps inserts. The trademark "Sponge pads" are thick and feel very comfortable. The Kode 94 comes with a 28 cm long Drake Freewave G-10 fin.

On the Water:

The Starboard Kode gets planing very early, with an excellent acceleration and a sensational top-end speed! Like last year, the feeling on the water can be described with one word: exciting. The board works great on flat water and anyone riding it will be the fastest on the spot. Freestyle sailors will have fun too: the Kode is easy to jump, easy to maneuver and very forgiving in sliding moves. The pop is great, especially for a cross-over board. The board provides amazing speed to planing maneuvers and it accelerates immediately when exiting the jibe.

While planing, the board feels free under foot, but always under control, which encourages the rider to go for jumps - doesn't matter if it's a chop hop or a loop - the thick tail works well, allowing to go high without any particular effort.

Due to the excellent planing and speed characteristics of the board, it's really easy to make it past the shore break in typical European on-shore conditions. You can use the Kode Freestyle Wave for wider turns in smaller waves. Compared to the more wave-oriented shapes, the Kode doesn't turn as tight but it definitely has its strengths in bump and jump conditions.


The Kode Freestyle Wave is versatile. It can be a real racing machine: in top speed, the board is one of the best! Advanced windsurfers will be able to push the board to its limits in rough, high-wind conditions and test their own limits as well. The Starboard also impressed in small waves. Obviously, there are a few boards in the test which turn tighter and feel snappier, but the Kode is the only one which can also perform new-school freestyle tricks and go as fast in the straight line. The overall performance and functional range are amongst the best in the test!

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