Kode Freestyle Wave 103 Carbon, Windsurf (UK), Jan/Feb 2013

Low down:
The Kode is Starboard’s do-it-all board line. With single and multifin sizes ranging from 72 right up to 123 litres they cover everything from hard-core waves, freewave and freeride use. In the 86, 94 & 103 sizes they’re billed as Freestyle Wave shapes. For 2013 the range is available in either Carbon (tested here), Wood or Technora constructions to suit all needs and budgets.

At a glance:
• Wide rounded nose & pintail that features a bevelled freestyle-friendly tail.
• Starboard wave footstraps
• Fish scale pads with integrated heel bumpers
• Drake 30cm Freewave fin G10 (US box)
• Vee shape throughout the hull
• Multiple inboard or outboard strap options
• Widest nose and tail on test
• Joint lightest on test

The Kode is super-stable under foot, with maximum width across the nose and tail. It’s extremely quick to accelerate and lift up onto the plane, and the cushioned pads and Starboard footstraps deliver a superb ride and maximum comfort whichever footstrap option you have set up. We noticed the stance was set quite near the tail as well. In a straight line it is a very fast and lively board, that delivers a great level of control over any chop. Around the corners the bity rails gybe on autopilot giving lots of confidence to push harder and style things up. In jumping conditions it’s nice and short with tonnes of pop and delivers great control in the air with the bonus of soft pads for cushioned landings. Yet it’s in the Freestyle domain that this 103 is incredibly capable, delivering performance not that far removed from full-on competition boards, although you’ll need to fit a smaller fin to fully unlock this potential.

The Kode 103 is a highly versatile, standout board that performed superbly for all sizes of rider in this test. On flat water it’s a lot of fun and in bump & jump or swell it’s also super capable. But it’s as a freestyle option that it really shines as a top performer. It would suit any rider with a trick-minded focus who also wants to have some fun in waves as well as blast around at full throttle every now and then.

Length: 234cm
Width: 64.5cm
Volume: 103l
Weight: 7.3kg
Fin: 30cm/G10

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