Kode Wave 92 Carbon, Windsurf (UK), October 2013

This test was featured in the October edition of Windsurf UK, available by subscription here! This October issue features many more test reviews of dedicated 95 liter wave boards.

Starboard Kode Wave 92 Carbon: "A demon for fast and tight turns"

Length: 234 cm
Width: 62 cm
Weight: 6.8 kg
Volume: 92 liters
Fin: 2 x MB Twinzer 17 (Slot Box 4.0)
Sail range: 4.5m² - 6.5m²
Available sizes: 67, 72, 77, 82, 87 and 92 liters

Brand Claim:

"The Kode Wave is the board choice of two times World Champion Philip Köster. It is fast to get on the plane with remarkable top-end speed for taking jumps into the stratosphere. The Kode Waves are Philip Köster’s fast, aerial style ‘next-generation’ signature wave boards.”


Outline: Remarkably "hippy" rather than some of the tear-dropped outlines also in test, progressing into squash tail. Wide point is nearly 9 cm from the back of the mast track. Second narrowest width under back strap on test.

Deck: Relatively flat.

Rail Profile: Pretty boxy throughout, not much tuck up front, increasing at the mast track, shallowing and not really sharpening much to tail.

Bottom Shape: Gentle roll in the nose, then a fair bit of flat Vee (no concave) up to the mast track, converting into Vee/subtle double concave under the straps, flattening in front of the fins, then going into monoconcave at the fins before ironically deepening behind the fins and the last 100 mm or so shallows to tip of tail.

Rocker Line: Subtle flat between the back of the front footstrap until the mast track. Balance is aft with most overall rocker in nose.

Fin Configuration: 2 + 1 "MB Twinzer Fins for Starboard" Twin 17 cm upright G-10 foils. No center fin supplied but comes with plug. 2 mm of toe-in. Fins are positioned close together.

Pads: Chunky K9 pads (uniform thickness) single density.

Straps: Drake PU leather traditional adjustment with markers. Anti-twist inserts in the footstrap plugs.


Our first sessions on this Kode 92 were quite marginal and - although stable and easy to wobble around on – in gusts the board was unbelievably lively and eager, revving-up and thrusting forward to free itself onto the plane, to the extent that sometimes it was hard to control the fins while getting up-to-speed.

We were nervous prior to sailing it more powered-up. Would there be a wild sleigh ride involved? Would it bite us in the ass? But what a difference! A completely transformed character saw it, literally, settle down on the water and behave, showing amazing speed and control in straight-line sailing. The acceleration is phenomenal and there’s a super light feel underfoot, which is obviously beneficial to jumping. We preferred it on draft-further-back sails that seemed to help the twin fins grip a bit more.

On the wave, it carries a little bit of useful momentum in the dead spots, but all the fun is in how fast and tight it turns, accelerating out of the bottom turn with the nice and narrow squash tail helping to hook cutbacks at speed. Considering how easily twin fins generally slide out if not carved totally off the rail, our larger testers were surprised how well this pair held (we never tried it in single fin mode). The Kode Wave 92 is by no means a hard board to sail – but it’s definitely not for the feint-hearted!


Pair with rear-draft sails for ultimate control and power.


An exciting board that’s lightening quick for jumps and a demon for fast and tight turns.

Best For:

Heavier riders who enjoy sailing well-powered. We didn’t get to try it in true down-the-line conditions, but can thoroughly recommend it for onshore destinations.

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