Luderitz - Terminator onboard video footage

Check out this fly-on-the-wall video of Starboard rider Björn Dunkerbeck blasting down the channel at the Luderitz Speed Challenge. This video gives an insight into the power needed to control a board and rig at such high speeds. Go Björn!

Björn reports on his entry to a very exclusive club:

Hey everybody,

I finally broke the 50 knots barrier on the speed strip on day 11!!!! ;-)
The best result was 51.09 knots = 94,61 km/h on the 500 m strip, with top GPS speed of 99.02 km/h, so you see the 100 is very close now!!! ;-) )

I did it on my 44 cm wide Starboard iSonic Speed Special with my 5.6 Severne Sail Reflex III. I would like to dedicate this achievement to my 11 days old son Daniel, my wife Maria, and my other three kids, Alba, Liam and Martina! Thursday looks promising for strong wind again, keep your fingers crossed for 40 knots+, to get some more action!! ;-)

Also a big THX to the Luderitz Speed Challenge Team.
So long from Luderitz,


Meanwhile, Martyn Ogier reports as well that he would really like some more (stronger) wind out in Lüderitz. But as Björn said before, Thursday does look promising. With only a couple of more days to go (the event ends the 2nd of December), riders who didn't make it this year are already announcing they are determined to make it out to Namibia next year, whereas several 2012 riders are also confirming.

Speed forums worldwide are hyperactive these days, and there is also a rumour that a change in measuring technology for next year will decrease the entry fee significantly. Stay tuned.

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

Day 11:

Even if it wasn't the strongest day since the beginning of the World Record Attempt, many records were still broken on Day 11. With good wind the competition was heating up and Bjorn Dunkerbeck delivered as usual, becoming the new Swiss Record Holder, achieving an amazing speed of 51.09 knots. Well done Bjorn!

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

Many other riders continued breaking or improving their national records. Christian Bornemann created a new German national record, Boris Vujasinovic broke his Croatian record 3 times, and Alexander Goncharov improved his Ukrainian record. Day 11 seemed to be a record breaking day!

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

The forecast and the new channel has given the riders the opportunity to announce many records every day they have raced! Riders now realise that they can go faster in less wind and we know that the current records can be improved. Let's wait and see for the next and last week of this amazing Windsurfing World Record Attempt.

Below is a video round up of the events so far at Luderitz, enjoy!

Round Up Report:

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

With Day 9 (Big Wednesday) gone past all eyes are on the next coming days. Congratulations again to Jurjen Van der Noord on reaching an impressive 51.26 knots. The future looks promising as Bjorn Dunkerbeck clocked an impressive 49.53 on his first day. All eyes on Luderitz.

Below are some of the photos from the past few days and we look forward to giving you the latest news update.

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande©

Jurjen Report:

Starboard congratulates Jurjen van der Noord on an incredible performance in the Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia. 51.26 knots smashed the previous windsurf World Record mark, and left him 3rd fastest in the World - precariously close and closing in fast on Anders and Antoine.
2 weeks into the 3 week event, Jurjen’s successful campaign draws to a close, while Bjorn and Martyn move into top gear.

A quick goodbye from Jurjen:

"My last day here in Luderitz. And what a day it was. Thanks to all you guys on Facebook who gave me the energy to go fast! The forecast was good, but the wind did not really fill in. Later on it did though...pfffffff 24 runs and a PR on the 500m. 51.26 knots!! A special thanks to the organization, Seb, Sophie, Aurelie, Fabrice, and all the others. Thank you so much for making this record attempt possible."

Jurjen would also like to thanks his sponsors:

- Elburg Yachting
- Interoffice
- Mobility Service Nederland
- Servo
- Skibs
- Watersport Izi
- A.P. van den berg
- Silersbitter
- Sevenstars
- Bosgraaf
- Bosma & Boonstra
- Provitives
- Ockhams Razors
- Sign Projex
- De hypotheker Sneek
- Fox sports
- Flexcube
- Jurjan Woltman
...and last but not least HEIDI LIEBT and Jurjen's support team Stephan and Jan-Hendrik & Ingolf!!

Day 9 report:

Jurjen van der Noord, the Dutch Record Holder joint the exclusive 51+ club of Anders Bringdal, Cédric Bordes and Antroine Albeau, with 51.26 knots.
Bjorn Dunkerbeck, 41 times world title holder, just joined the event on day 9, reaching 49.53 knots after only a couple of runs
Well done also Martyn Ogier from the UK who posted a speed of 48.21 knots (current British Record held by Farrell O Shea with 48.82 knots).

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande ©

The 2012 Luderitz World Speed Sailing challenge, which takes place from November 5th to December 2nd, is currently providing a platform for the best speed windsurfers from all over the world to reach record-breaking speeds. We take a look at the action from Luderitz and see the Starboard rider Jurjen Van der Noord perform at his best, ever!

Photo courtesy of Eric Bellande ©

On Saturday Jurjen was first in the water and recorded a confirmed speed of 50.41 knots which automatically sees him as the top Dutch speed sailing champion and so far the fastest recorded sailor on the Starboard team. Other sailors who reached speeds of over 50 knots included Antoine Albeau, Anders Bringdal, Patrick Diethelm, and Cédric Bordes. We look forward to the arrival of Bjorn Dunkerbeck to see what he can add to the already outstanding results. All eyes are on wednesday as the forecast is looking to be epic. They're already calling it Big Wednesday.

Below is a video of one of the runs from Jurjen Van der Noord on day 3.

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