National Watersports Festival 2013: August 30th - September 1st

The National Watersports Festival (NWF) is the largest water sports event in the UK. And it's happening soon! From August 30th to September 1st, a large crowd of pro riders and weekend warriors will descend on Hayling Island to indulge in friendly banter, light hearted competition and make the most of a weekend full of salty activities while checking out the latest kit from Starboard, Severne Sails, Tushingham and a couple other brands.

View from the air

In 2006, the first year of its inception, NWF was actually known as the Night Windsurf Festival with organizer Alan Cross tugging the organizational strings. The weekend pulled in a large crowd: windsurfing in the dark was simply something that isn’t usual. Most visitors wanted to see how sailors would fair and the concept was simple: complete a few fun, non-intimidating races during the day, with prizes on offer with the opportunity to head through to the evening battle in the dark – if you did well.

To cut a long story short, the first Night Windsurf was a resounding success, topped off with the mother of all parties, which saw pros rubbing shoulders with weekend warriors; something that just doesn’t happen in other professional sports.

A bit of night windsurfing!

Now into its eighth go round, the 2013 edition of the National Watersports Festival will be incorporating a number of different saltwater disciplines like kayaking, stand-up paddling, kitesurfing and of course, windsurfing. There will be fun races for all ages, abilities and types of equipment, demo sessions for beginners, on-water and land-based coaching clinics in all disciplines, conducted by top UK coaches and the legendary beach parties, featuring live entertainment and night windsurfing, on both Friday and Saturday nights... NWF is also the largest trade show in the UK, showcasing the latest equipment from top manufacturers.

Starboard and Severne Sails will be there during the entire weekend to present and demo the new 2014 range:

2014 Quad

2014 NuEvo

2014 Kode Wave

2014 Kode Freestyle Wave

2014 Flare

2014 Severne Blade

2014 Severne S-1

The WindSUPs and WindSUPs Inflatable will also be on stand for anyone to try as well as the new generation of freemove boards with the new Atom IQ! This new concept for 2014 is maneuverable, fun and fast with a huge wind range. These new slim shapes plane early like boards with 15 liters of extra volume yet remain maneuverable, sporty and aggressive like boards with 15 liters less. And you will be able to test drive it during the entire NWF weekend!

Sneak peak at the 2014 Atom IQ

It's also the opportunity to meet and chat with the UK’s finest professional team riders – and even race alongside them! Chris Murray, George Shilitto, Phil Richards, Danielle Lucas, Peter Hart, Simon Bornhoff and Sam Ross will be there, giving tips and clinics, talking about the new gear and having a good time. Colin Dixon from Windsurfing Coaching is also scheduled to attend the festivities.

Boujmaa attending a previous edition

When you sign up for entry you’ll be including yourself in one of the biggest mass participation watersports competitions out there. Stress-free racing with hundreds of others, all battling it out on an easy course, is exactly what makes the NWF a unique event. There are many races in the world that have such big turnouts but National Watersports Festival is one of those that if you haven’t experienced the camaraderie, banter and sore heads then you really have been missing out! Make sure you don't anymore.

Head over to the NWF Official Website immediately for more information regarding parking, schedule, accommodations and much more! And here is a little highlight clip from last year's event!