NuEvo 73 Carbon, WIND (France), March 2013 [EN-FR]

NuEvo 73 Carbon: Smooth waveriding

Length: 221cm
Width: 55cm
Volume: 73
Weight: 6.45kg
Fin: 2 x Drake Twin Surf 145
Other sizes: 73, 80, 93

Shaped by the Australian James Hooper, the NuEvo is very short (221 cm!) and quite wide in the tail for its volume. The standout feature of this unusual board is its out-centered twin fins, sitting close to the rails. The Starboard is also the lightest of the category at 6.45 kg.

On the Water:
With very correct planing, the NuEvo is extremely comfortable and enjoyable to ride. It rides low, with quite a lot of wet surface and a soft touch. It’s a small and sane board with no real flaws. In the surf, it’s a delight, especially for intermediate riders who will feel their level go up a notch and multiply the number of turns they’re able to do on a single wave. The less ideal the conditions are, the more the NuEvo stands out.

"En surf, en revanche, c'est vraiment un régal, notamment pour les moins experts qui ont alors l'impression de progresser d'un coup en multipliant leur nombre de virages sur la même vague. Moins les conditions sont bonnes et plus la NuEvo se montre à son avantage."

At high speeds, the rail-to-rail transfer isn’t as natural, but it’s the only imperfection we could find in its surfing. As a fish, it accelerates easily, even in mushy waves or irregular winds. This Starboard is very progressive as it allows to string together turns smoothly and with a lot of flow. Other boards are more demanding or simply have a harder time keeping up! Although it is not the most radical of the boards tested, it has very good grip for powerful cutbacks.

Testers were unanimous regarding the pleasure provided by this board and its capacity to surf without requiring too much pressure or technique.

"Les testeurs ont été quasi unanimes sur le plaisir procuré par cette NuEvo et sa capacité à bien surfer sans forcément nécessiter des appuis énormes."

Overall, it’s an excellent board with strong surf characteristics. This volume is recommended for smaller riders looking to optimize their sessions in average conditions. Much like the previously tested 80 liters, the philosophy of this board is quite clear: it’s been developed for normal wave riders and has a lot of potential.

"Une excellente planche qui se révèle tout de même assez typée surf. [...] Comme sur la 80 litres testée dans le #370, on ressent bien la philosophie de cette planche développée pour les waverideurs normaux et pas que pour les pros, même si elle a du potentiel."

Pros: Easy carving ; Speed in mushy waves ; Stringing turns

Cons: Upwind ; Long bottom turns

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