NuEvo 80 Wood, Windsurfing Journal (Germany), Yearbook 2013

On the beach:
The NuEvo is Starboards surf-waveboard, allowing you to come as close as possible to real surfing in sideshore conditions. The twinzer setup should allow you to do the tightest cutback possible, in every wave size. The 80 is the middle one of the three-board range, and as the name is already hinting, it is a completely new board shape. It features a V-shape, which is most dominant toards the tail, and a double concave starting at the mast base and stops at the fins. The tail is shaped in typical fish-style. The board features standard-pads and adjustable Drake straps with a scale, which are secured with a pin to avoid twisting of the strap. The front straps have three inserts on every side where the back strap has only two. The board comes with two 15.5 G10 fins.

On the water:
"Dude, that board is short!" is the first thing that comes to mind when you're standing on the NuEvo. If you look closely at the shape and block out the pads and the straps, you might as well be standing on a surfboard. The board requires your feet to be put in the right position to avoid catching chop. once in the straps, you'll be at ease, feeling comfortable even in overpowered conditions. Especially wave beginners will appreciate how the NuEvo forgives beginner mistakes, but full-on pros will have just as much fun, as the board almost invites you to chuck your sail once you;re on the wave. Your turns can be very controlled and unbelievably tight. The board requires minimal toe pressure, and it really comes down to "feeling" the wave. Note that the board allows to be surfed on both feet equally well. We preferred the NuEvo in side-onshore conditions, but the shape works just as well in down-the-line spots, as long as the waves don't get too fast. Light riders or windsurfers who like to be well powered up, yet in control will be able to do twice as much turns on a wave as they usually do.

With the NuEvo, Starboard has a concept in its line-up that makes a very strong case for itself when riding the waves. There's better bump and jump boards out there, but the trade-in is that you'll be able to trash even knee-high onshore waves with control, lightness and style unlike any other board. We recommend this board to seasoned waveriders as their additional "surfboard" for radical turns in small to medium-sized waves, but also to wave novices who are looking for an easy and forgiving wave board to progress on.

Length: 224cm
Width: 57.1cm
Volume: 80l
Weight: 6.16 kg
Fins: 2 x 15.5cm (G10)

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