NuEvo 86 Carbon, Windsurfing Jahrbuch (Germany), 2013

The NuEvo is Starboard's high performance surfboard-style wave board that excels in side-shore to side-on shore conditions, from knee to logo high waves. It specializes in tight rail turns with excellent rail-to-rail transitions and extra-tight top turns: these boards react like surfboards.

The following test was featured in the 2013 annual edition of Windsurf Jahrbuch! A total of 11 wave boards from 81 to 87 liters were tested, including the Quad 87 Carbon and the Kode Wave 87 Wood... But more on that later! At 6.4 kilograms, the NuEvo 86 Carbon was the second lightest board of the test, just behind the Quad 87.

Starboard NuEvo 86 Carbon: "Tight and powerful turns for everyone"

Length: 225 cm
Width: 58 cm
Weight: 6.47 kg
Volume: 86 liters
Fin: 2 x Twin Surf 16 (SlotBox 4.0)

Sail range: 4.7m² - 5.5m²
Available sizes: 73, 80, 86, 92, 101 and 110 liters
Available constructions: Carbon and Wood


The NuEvo is Starboard's surf-style wave board, bringing you as close as possible to surfing with a windsurfing board. The out-centered Twinser setup, combined with a slight toe-in allows for tight cutbacks in all kind of waves. The NuEvo 86 is the third smallest volume of the 6 boards in the NuEvo range. In 2014, Starboard introduced the 86, 92, 101 and 110 liters, doubling the amount of boards compared to the previous season. A few changes have also been introduced in the previously existing shapes: a deeper double concave for improved rail-to-rail action and more Vee under the mast track for earlier planing and acceleration. All the NuEvos feature fish tails. The Starboard features a dual-layered thick pad for comfort and Drake Deluxe straps with integrated sizing and plastic "K-9" teeth preventing twisting. Three different positions are provided for the front strap and two options for the back footstrap.

On the Water:

After a couple of meters on the water, it is clear that the NuEvo isn't the earliest planing board. This can be attributed to the much shorter shape compared to other wave boards; it does feel significantly smaller. Nonetheless, the board is stable when shlogging and doesn't wobble on the plane. Once you have enough wind in your sail, the Starboard shows top form. The straight-line control is very good and the board is very comfortable, especially in aggressive, choppy conditions. For the riders planning to use this board in bump and jump conditions, make sure not to use too small sails.

But the real strength of the NuEvo is revealed in real waves. Despite the 86 liters, the James Hooper shape is very reactive and agile. Dynamic turns are possible without requiring much feet pressure, the rails slice through water like a knife through butter. Each bottom turn, each cutback is so much fun! As soon as you get on the board, you're wavesailing with a radical surf-style. The NuEvo makes it so easy: tight and powerful turns become accessible to everyone! Even in absolutely over-powered conditions, the NuEvo stays under control, boosting confidence and offering the possibility to turn tighter and faster.


In light-wind conditions, the NuEvo is not the earliest to plane but it definitely impressed by being the most dynamic of the test, with its trademark surf style in small to medium waves. The shape feels much smaller then it is when riding the face of the wave; the board is always under control, even when you are on the edge.

If you are looking for a wave board for gusty, on-shore conditions, we recommend the brother of the NuEvo, the Kode Wave with its fast rocker.

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