NuEvo 93 Carbon, SURF (Germany), Nov 2012

The text below comes from the last SURF of this year, in shops now:

Length: 227 cm
Width: 59.5 cm
Weight: 6.45 kg (measured by SURF)
Fins: 2 x Drake Twin Surf 16.5cm / SlotBox
Other Sizes: 73, 80 and 93

On Land:
The Starboard was created for "surf-style" sailing meaning a maximum of maneuvering/turning on the wave. Even though it has six liters more than the tested Kodes 87, its visibly less wide, while the twinzer Slot Boxes are comparably far apart under a swallow tail. In comparison to the Kode, the NuEvo was meant as a purebred twinzer, meaning there is no single-fin option on this board. Equipment, meaning perfect straps and soft pads are absolute top quality.

On the Water:
The relatively flat surface of the board allows a wrong placement of the foot here and there, but the board still feels comparably small and contrary to the Kode, needs a little more power in the sail to get going and accelerate. Powered up, the NuEvo ist very easy to control, well composed and the nose stays down in stronger winds as well. On the waves, the concept has a light advantage over the Kode Wave, because its rails retain their grip, even at high speeds and choppy conditions.

The variability in turns is very good for a board of this size, and a cutback allows you to throw around spray. When wind and waves are a little disappointing (this is fairly normal on the North and Baltic sea), getting to the lip or through the shore break, a NuEvo rider will have to do with marginally less speed potential to jump.

SURF Verdict:
The NuEvo is not as much a a specialist tool as some of the other boards in the testing group, but side- and side-offshore conditions or strong winds will make it shine. Experienced wave riders who are looking for a light-wind/big wave board will fall in love with it. For spots like Klitmöller to Guincho the Kode Wave is the more allroundy, but not less radical alternative with more speed potential.

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