Onwards and Upwards: Amado Vrieswijk

Amado Vrieswijk finished the 2013 PWA Freestyle World Tour in 11th place overall, but has already shown on several occasions that he has the potential and talent to break into the Top 10 and beyond. The seventeen year old achieved his highest finish to date in the single elimination at the PWA Sylt World Cup - 5th - whilst his best finish of the season came in Fuerteventura where he was able to claim the 7th place overall. The Bonairean has consistently impressed both the crowds and the judges with his smooth and explosive style as he flies through effortless kabikuchis, skopus and spock into culos to name just a few. After his best season thus far on the PWA World Tour, Amado was rewarded with the honor of being named the PWA Youth Freestyle World Champion! We have taken the opportunity to catch up with the man who has the skills to challenge the very best in the world. Read the interview below:

PWA: Congratulations on your PWA Youth World title, how are you feeling and how was the response when you got home?
“After being away from Bonaire, family and friends for almost 6 weeks, I was glad to go home. The arrival was amazing. I’m still speechless when I think back, see the videos and pictures. A huge crowd was gathered at the airport to welcome Bonaire’s PWA Freestyle World Champion Kiri Thode (Starboard / Severne) and myself as 2013 Youth Champion. There was music, drum bands and lots of press. After an island tour in a limousine there was another party organized in front of Kiri’s home.”

PWA: What originally made you want to windsurf and why freestyle?
“I saw the PWA “King of the Caribbean” here in Bonaire in 2002 when I was 6 years old. I liked what I saw on the water and wanted to give it a try myself. After my first try on rented gear, windsurfing “hit” me and is my life since.”

PWA: Who are your windsurfing idols?
“Of course my friend, training partner and now PWA Freestyle World Champion Kiri Thode, but also Taty Frans. Kiri because of his enormous freestyle skills and Taty because of his slalom. That guy is so fast and makes me want to start training slalom again as well this coming winter.”

PWA: What was your favorite moment on the tour this year?
“My favorite moment this year was in Podersdorf. After ending 2012 in 27th place, it felt amazing and rewarding after training so hard the past winter to achieve 9th place at the first PWA event of 2013."

PWA: Favorite location to compete on the PWA World Tour? And favorite place to freesail?
“My favorite location on tour is Fuerteventura because of the temperature, you do not have to wear a wetsuit and can sail in strong winds. Bonaire is my favorite spot of all places. Here you can train slalom in the bay, wave at Lac Cai and freestyle on Sorobon. Fingers crossed that the PWA Tour will come back to Bonaire soon.”

PWA: What is your favorite move?
“Kabikuchi is my favorite move."

PWA: What was your aim at the start of the year?
“My goal was to achieve a place in at least the Top 16 and in my mind even in the Top 10. Ending on 11th place overall now I’m super happy.”

PWA: What is your aim for next year?
“Because of ending close to the Top 10 this year, my goal is to make it in the Top 10 next year for sure!”

PWA: How will you be spending your winter?
“Bonaire has the perfect conditions to prepare myself for the next season. I have to attend school as well, so there won't be a lot of traveling. Of course, when there is a good opportunity or something interesting to go to abroad I will go.”

PWA: What do you do when you aren’t windsurfing?
“When I’m not windsurfing, there must be no wind! Besides windsurfing, I’m at school studying Sports and Movements, at work or hanging out with my friends playing some video games and of course keeping my scooter up to date.”

PWA: Favorite food and drink?
“My favorite food is all kinds of pastas and an orange juice on the rocks!!”

PWA: Favorite kit setup??
“The perfect freestyle combination for me is the 2014 Starboard Flare 91 with a Choco Fin 16.5 cm and the Severne Freek 4.8m² / 5.2m².”

“Before ending this interview I want to say thanks to the PWA crew on tour, to all the event organizers on location, to Markus Seidl for taking some awesome action pictures and last but not least, my sponsors Starboard and Severne Sails. See you in 2014!”

PWA: Thanks Amado and we look forward to seeing you competing on the water again in 2014.

- Pictures and words courtesy of PWA World Tour / Chris Yates / John Carter -