ProKids Steven Max - Interview by Redazione Italiana Windsurf

Dutch phenomenon Steven Max was recently interviewed by the guys at Redazione Italiana Windsurf. At just 15 years old, Steven is already landing burners and konos with ease on his ProKids Flare 72. He is currently competing in the Aruba Xtreme! Read the interview below:

ID Card:

Name: Steven Max
Date of Birth: 30/04/1998
Nationality: Dutch
Place of Residence: Aruba
Favorite Discipline: Freestyle
Best Moves: Burner, Kono and Culo
Your Board: Starboard ProKids Flare 72l
Your sails: Hot Sails Maui Freestyle Pro

RIW: Hi Steven, let us know about the beginning of your story into windsurf.
Steven Max:
When I was 8 years old, I started to take a few classes and then my parents bought me a very old wave board and a taped up sail and I started to windsurf all day, every day and never stopped.

RIW: Tell us about your first competition and your best result ever.
Steven Max:
The first competition was when I was 8 years old and on vacation in Bonaire. At that time, they had the Starboard ProKids Worlds Competition going on and they asked me if I wanted to join. I didn’t know any moves yet, so I practiced the Gecko over and over again, every day and like one day before the competition started, I nailed it and decided to join and it was so much fun. I won second place and that’s when it all started. My best results up until now: Freestyle Youth World Champion 2012 (first place U-17), European Freestyle Youth Champion 2012 (first place U-15 and U-17), US National Freestyle Youth Champion 2012.

RIW: What is your local spot and why do you like it?
I really like “Surfside”, near the airport, because it is really flat and often there is a lot of wind and even when there is no wind I can use the boost I get from the airplanes taking off!

RIW: How do you manage to keep up with studies and training?
It’s not easy, but somehow I manage. The last few months I couldn’t sail as much as I would have liked to because of schoolwork, but I still spend lots of time on the water.

RIW: Which are your strong and weak points on the water?
I think no one can windsurf without wind, so that’s also my weak point! Hahaha! And I don’t like really choppy water but I can manage. Surviving and sailing under rough conditions is fun to do and sometimes perfect conditions can get a little bit boring. I like challenges!

RIW: What do you do during no windy days and the evenings?
You can find me behind the computer or in nature looking at wildlife. And of course there is homework!

RIW: Where would you go for windsurfing?
: I would love to go to Dahab. I have seen pictures and heard many stories about it and I can’t wait to go sailing there one day.

RIW: Do you feel any interest to other sports, which one?
Not really, I used to play tennis, but now it's windsurfing!

RIW: Who has inspired you in windsurfing?
Kiri (Thode) has always been an idol, but now there are many guys that are really good and everyone I meet during my travels.

RIW: How do you see your future in windsurfing?
My dream is to travel the world someday windsurfing as a Marine biologist and with the PWA Freestyle World Championship title in my pocket. :-)

RIW: Tell us more about yourself.
I think I said it all, except to say that my family is the greatest and that they have supported me throughout my windsurfing career. I could not do it without them.

RIW: Best wishes then Steven, hope to see you soon in the next competitions.

If you liked the video and want to find out more about Steven Max, visit his website here!