PWA World Cup Tenerife - Day 5

Day 5: Philip Köster defends his crown, whilst Daida Moreno fights back to claim victory

The fifth day of the Dunkerbeck-Eyewear Siam Park Tenerife PWA World Cup saw an abundance of drama with plenty of twists and turns in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Philip Köster claimed his first victory of the year after halting a rampaging Thomas Traversa in the super final as he took his sailing to another gear. Meanwhile, Daida Moreno produced a magnificent performance to defeat her twin sister - Iballa Moreno - not once, but twice to wrestle the event victory from the grasp of Iballa to make it two event victories out of two for 2014.

Men’s Double Elimination

Victor Fernandez won his opening two heats today against Klaas Voget and Jaeger Stone with his double forwards proving the difference in both heats. It then looked like the Spaniard would be lining up in the winners final against Philip Köster after initially accumulating more points than Thomas Traversa in Heat 34 - however an interference on one of Traversa’s waves saw Fernandez penalized with his highest wave score being deducted, which resulted in the Frenchman progressing.

Thomas Traversa excelled in the winners’ final to force a super final against Philip Köster. In Heat 35, TT was at his brilliant best as he landed a radical double forward and a huge stalled tabletop forward, before unleashing on the waves with dynamic, vertical turns in the pocket of the wave.

Men's Double Elimination - Super Final

Having been defeated in the previous heat, the pressure was on Köster to find another gear in order to hold onto his single elimination crown, and that’s exactly what the twenty year old managed to do right from the word go as he rotated through a trademark, ankle-dry double forward. With his jump in the bag, Köster now had the rest of the heat to work on his waves and he delivered his best wave of the entire contest - consisting of a powerful gouging turn, straight into a radical goiter before finishing off with a fluid reverse to earn 8.125 points. Traversa sailed another excellent heat as he linked more superb waves together, but unlike the previous heat he wasn’t able to find a double forward again as Köster held onto to take his first event victory since this time last year in Tenerife.

Philip Köster back on top of the prestigious podium:

“I didn’t land my double planing, but it was a good one and a solid start to the heat, I also got my best wave of the contest in the super final so I was super happy. It feels great to win again and I’m super stoked.”

Women’s Double Elimination

Just as in the men’s, the women’s double elimination required a super final to decide the champion of the 2014 Dunkerbeck-Eyewear Siam Park Tenerife PWA World Cup, after Daida Moreno comprehensively beat Iballa Moreno in the winners’ final, with Iballa looking a little out of sorts. Take nothing away from Daida though as she landed an absolutely amazing tabletop forward and delivered vertical, powerful snaps to force the decider.

Women's Double Elimination - Super Final

In the super final, Daida Moreno continued to shine as she landed a perfect one-handed backloop to move into a commanding position, whilst transferring the pressure onto Iballa. However, for once Iballa stuttered as she failed to improve upon her opening tabletop forward. Iballa had her chances, but couldn’t quite hold onto a big backloop which would have brought her back into contention. At this point though the chance had gone as Daida nailed the final nail into the coffin with a big, vertical, frontside hack to complete a stunning comeback as she claimed back-to-back event victories in 2014.

Daida Moreno makes it two out of two:

“Today has been amazing for me. I had a lot of fun sailing and I felt great out there. The wind was good, the waves were good and I just went with the flow, trying to have fun and forget about the nerves. I was pretty calm - I used the tactic of trying to make sure I got a jump in the bag at the beginning. After I got my jump done I just focused on my wave riding. Before the final I changed up, which I’m really happy about because it let me go more vertical in my turns. I love this spot and I think I proved myself as a wave rider as well. I’m super happy to win here again.”

Meanwhile, Sarah-Quita Offringa continued her storming comeback in the double elimination as she won a further two heats, meaning the lady from Aruba won a total of seven consecutive heats by defeating Steffi Wahl and Amanda Beenen. Offringa shone in the air and visibly improved with each heat on the wave and has now alerted her rivals as a significant threat for the future.

Overall Men's Results Dunkerbeck Eyewear Siam Park - El Medano - Tenerife PWA World Cup:

1st Philip Köster
Thomas Traversa
3rd Victor Fernandez
4th Jaeger Stone
5th Klaas Voget
6th Dany Bruch
Alex Mussolini
7th Leon Jamaer
9th Robby Swift
9th Moritz Mauch
Marcilio Browne

Overall Women's Results Dunkerbeck Eyewear Siam Park - El Medano - Tenerife PWA World Cup:

1st Daida Moreno
2nd Iballa Moreno
3rd Sarah-Quita Offringa
Amanda Beenen
5th Steffi Wahl

Day 4: An incredible day of close calls and world class sailing

The fourth day of the Dunkerbeck-Eyewear Siam Park - El Médano - Tenerife PWA World Cup saw the best action of the week so far, as the conditions continued to get better and better throughout day, which saw the level of sailing go through the roof. By the end of another epic day of competition both the men’s and women’s double eliminations have been whittled down to just the top five sailors, which should see an exciting conclusion tomorrow. However, a hugely positive day was dampened by the news that Caroline Weber has suffered a suspected broken back. Everyone from the PWA would like to take the opportunity to wish Caroline a speedy and full recovery.

Men’s - Double Elimination: Standout Sailor of the Day

Today saw many amazing performances, but Victor Fernandez stole the show with an awe-inspiring display of sailing. The Spaniard originally set the highest scoring heat of the day - 26.12 points - against Alex Mussolini, but in Heat 31 Fernandez produced a near perfect heat versus Dany Bruch as he wowed both the crowds and the judges to score 28 out of possible 30 points. Fernandez opened the heat with an incredible, bolt upright double forward before setting to work on the waves - where he earned perfect tens across the board after landing a fantastic frontside aerial into an insane taka right in the critical section of the wave. If Fernandez can sustain his level of sailing tomorrow then he will certainly be a very difficult man to beat.

Giant Killer

Moritz Mauch
claimed the biggest scalp of his career thus far as he made his mark on the world stage again. The eighteen year old demonstrated his incredible wave riding time-and-time again today to defeat Ricardo Campello in Heat 23B - thanks to his vertical, perfectly timed gauges and a taka on his final wave. Mauch then went on to defeat John Skye in Heat 26B with more sublime riding - as he was awarded 9 points for a single wave - but unfortunately suffered an injury to his ankle after landing a tabletop forward. The German still produced a good display against fellow countryman Dany Bruch in the next round but it wasn’t enough, as Bruch exacted revenge for defeat in Denmark last year.

Close Calls

Today also saw several incredibly close calls as virtually every sailor brought their A game to the water. Firstly, only 0.11 of a point separated Omar Sanchez and Jules Denel in Heat 25A, but Sanchez clinched the tie thanks to his better jumping on this occasion. Adam Lewis looked as though he had managed to defeat Alex Mussolini, but the Brit saw victory snatched from him at the last as Mussolini rotated through a radical goiter on his final wave of the heat. Next up, Leon Jamaer - who was extremely unlucky with equipment today having suffered a broken mast and then to rub salt into the wound had to watch in dismay as his board and sail separated in two different heats - defeated teammate Robby Swift by less than half a point in Heat 28A.

Alex Mussolini delivered a scintillating display in Heat 29A to take down the reigning world champion - Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne. The Spaniard landed an outstanding one-handed, one-footed backloop - including a head throw for good measure - before stomping a sick frontside wave 360 and a smooth taka to advance. At that point, Mussolini, looked like a sure fire bet, but Fernandez soon put an end to his hopes.

Women’s - Double Elimination

Sarah-Quita Offringa
was the standout woman on the water today as she started her remarkable comeback in the double elimination, which saw her win five consecutive heats in a row - firstly by defeating Lucy Robson followed by Waka Nishida, Carmen Afonso Martin, Sara Sommer and lastly Alice Arutkin in the battle for 5th and 6th place respectively. Today marks the first time that Offringa has broken into the Top 5, in only her second competition, and tomorrow she will face German Steffi Wahl as she looks to advance into the top four and beyond. The lady from Aruba impressed with her clean forwards and stunning shakas, as well as displaying fluid wave riding too.

Alice Arutkin also produced a fantastic performance today as she progressed through four heats in a row to claim sixth place overall in Tenerife. The French beauty started her succession of victories against good friend Sophia Gilje before also going on to defeat Sarah Bibby, Justyna Sniady and Caroline Weber - who as previously mentioned unfortunately sustained a serious back injury in her prior heat. Once again everyone at the PWA wishes the German a speedy and full recovery.

The forecast for tomorrow shows similar wind and waves for the morning, before tailing off in the afternoon, so we are hoping to see a nail biting conclusion to the double eliminations. Can anyone topple Philip Köster and Iballa Moreno at the top? Find out by tuning into PWA World Tour where you’ll be able to follow the action as it happens via the PWA live stream and live ticker.

Day 3: Philip Köster and Iballa Moreno return to the top after an enthralling day

El Médano truly came to life on day three of the Dunkerbeck-Eyewear Siam Park - El Médano - Tenerife PWA World Cup as stronger winds and bigger waves rolled into the shores of El Cabezo, producing an action packed and amazing day of action spanning almost ten hours. Eventually, Philip Köster put aside the disappointment of finishing 5th in Pozo to return to the top of the prestigious podium, whilst Iballa Moreno produced a fantastic display to defeat Daida Moreno in another epic Moreno’s final.

Men’s - Single Elimination

Thomas Traversa took down the current PWA World Tour leader - Victor Fernandez - in the semifinals after a phenomenal performance. The Spaniard had earlier looked in formidable form as he accumulated the highest score of the day - 24 points - in Heat 9B versus Martin ten Hoeve, but TT was in a world of his own as he landed double forwards and delivered some devastating wave riding to advance. The Frenchman then defeated Klaas Voget to book his place in the winners’ final.

Winners’ Final

Philip Köster
took on Thomas Traversa in the opening winners’ final of the week and the duo gave an amazing display as they enjoyed a hard fought battle. TT took the lead early on as he launched into a radical tabletop forward before quickly adding a brilliant wave to his score sheet - consisting of a vertical fluid turn straight into a smooth taka. With one solid wave in the bag, Traversa earned his best score of the heat on his very next wave - being awarded 7.5 points by the judges - to pile the pressure on Köster. The twenty year old had already landed a stunning one-footed, one-handed backloop by this point, but with no solid wave score he still had everything to do. Köster then headed upwind before hunting out a ramp, which he found, and duly launched into a trademark ankle dry double forward. However, with just four minutes to go Traversa still held a significant lead over Köster, who was still lacking two serious wave scores. The two-time world champion responded in the perfect fashion as he boosted into a sick frontside tweaked aerial, before rotating straight into a slick taka to halve the deficit. Then in true champion fashion, Köster dug deep and produced another solid wave with his final chance of the heat to earn victory by just one point.

Jaeger Stone continued his emphatic return to the competition scene as he claimed a place on the prestigious podium here in Tenerife, just as he did in 2011, by defeating Klaas Voget in the losers’ final. The Australian wowed the judges time and time again today with his explosive and fluid style on the wave to consistently earn some of the highest wave scores of the day. In Heat 15B, Stone, came within a fraction of point of defeating Köster but fell just short as he missed out on a place in the winners’ final by 0.4 of a point.

The other major talking point today centered around Heat 13B involving Klaas Voget and the reigning world champion Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne. At the start of the third round, the decision was made to change the judging format from 1 jump and 2 waves to 2 jumps and 2 waves, but unfortunately the Brazilian wasn’t aware of this fact. Browne had been in a commanding position after landing a double forward and racking up a couple of decent waves, but with a minute or two to go he still only held double forwards on his scorecard. However, at that point Brawzinho was still leading, but Voget turned the tie on its head with the final move of the heat - a big tweaked pushloop - to advance by 0.25 of a point - leaving Browne clearly incensed on the beach.

Women’s Single Elimination - Winners’ Final

Another all Moreno’s winners’ final ensued in Tenerife as they demolished the rest of the competition on their journey to Heat 16. The legendary twins were both in imperious form, which made for a scintillating conclusion to the single elimination. Daida Moreno set the tone right from the word go as she rotated through an ankle dry backloop, before landing an insane tabletop forward. The twins were almost inseparable on the jumping side of things as Iballa soon landed a massive backloop and a brilliant tabletop forward of her own. In fact at the end of the heat there was only 0.25 of a point between them in terms of jumping. However, Iballa won the battle in the waves, with her best wave earning 8.375 points from the judges. On her way to victory, Iballa launched into an exquisite frontside air and backed it up with a couple of vertical snaps to claim first blood in the single elimination.

Steffi Wahl and Amanda Beenen battled it out for third and fourth place, just as they did in Pozo, but this time there was a different outcome as Beenen broke into the top three for the first time in her career. The two girls fought hard for the final place on the heralded podium, but Beenen was able to edge the duel to claim victory by under a point.

The forecast for tomorrow promises to provide another action packed and drama filled day with virtually the same wind and waves being predicted for tomorrow. The skippers’ meeting has been called for 9 AM tomorrow morning with the action commencing from 9:30 AM. Stay tuned!

Results Men’s Single Elimination - Wave

1st Philip Köster
Thomas Traversa
3rd Jaeger Stone
4th Klaas Voget
5th Victor Fernandez
5th Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne
5th Dany Bruch

Results Women’s Single Elimination - Wave

1st Iballa Moreno
2nd Daida Moreno
Amanda Beenen

Day 2: The men's main draw begins as anticipation builds ahead of tomorrow

The second day of the Dunkerbeck-Eyewear Siam Park - El Médano - Tenerife PWA World Cup eventually saw the men’s trials heats completed, whilst further heats were run in both the men’s and women’s single eliminations. Having spent much of the day waiting around for the wind and waves to improve, the action eventually kicked off shortly after 5 PM in light, and sometimes gusty winds together with small waves.


Before the men’s main draw could begin the trials needed to be completed in the tricky conditions, which presented themselves. In the opening heat Ben Proffitt took on Markus Rydberg, Eric Sanllehy and Maciek Rutkowski. In the end, Proffitt and Rutkowski advanced.

Heat 2 eventually saw Martin ten Hoeve and Jonas Ceballos progress over Pablo Ramirez and Alesky Gayda. In fact, Ceballos earned the highest scoring wave of the day - 9 points - after landing a sick frontside wave 360. In the meantime, Boujmaa Guilloul and Albert Pijoan advanced from Heat 3, before seventeen year old Arthur Arutkin produced a great display in the challenging conditions to advance from the final trials heat, along with Kenneth Danielsen. Meaning there is no place in the contest for Graham Ezzy - who was visibly unhappy with the outcome and the heat being allowed to stand.

Men’s - Single Elimination

The opening heat of the single elimination saw Robby Swift take on Kenneth Danielsen, whilst Thomas Traversa battled it out against Valter Scotto. Swift navigated his way past the Danishman after making the most of the conditions on offer, whilst Traversa also booked his place in the next round.

Victor Fernandez comfortably dispatched of Jose Romero Santana in Heat 2, but the a-side saw a much closer battle between Omar Sanchez and Martin ten Hoeve. With just two minutes to go, Sanchez was leading the heat, but ten Hoeve struck late - landing a one-handed backloop - to steal the victory at the last second.

Alessio Stillrich and Klaas Voget enjoyed a close encounter in Heat 3 as both sailors produced excellent performances. Stillrich opened up with a trademark pushloop, but Voget was on fire on the waves as he firstly boosted into a radical frontside air, before delivering several vertical, snappy turns over the remainder of the heat to defeat the nineteen year old. On the opposite side, John Skye left things late against Jonas Ceballos, but eventually did enough with his final two waves to progress into round two.

The final heat of the day to be completed witnessed the reigning world champion - Marcilio ‘Brawzinho’ Browne - in action against Arthur Arutkin, but the Brazilian wasn’t in his usual groove, but he still got the job done against his seventeen year old rival in the end. Meanwhile, Dario Ojeda was unfortunate to run into an on fire Moritz Mauch, as the Spaniard would’ve progressed from the other side of the heat. However, all credit goes to Mauch, who produced the standout waveriding of the day. Not only with his smooth and vertical turns, but also with his wave selection, which saw him earn an impressive 8.625 points for a single wave.

Women’s - Single Elimination

The first women’s heat of the day saw the conclusion of the second round, featuring Justyna Sniady versus Waka Nishida and Sarah-Quita Offringa versus reigning world champion - Daida Moreno - who made the most of the conditions to launch into a brilliant one-handed backloops, whilst excelling on the way to navigate her way through a potentially tricky heat against Offringa. Meanwhile, Sniady efficiently dispatched of her Japanese opponent to set up a duel against Daida in the next round.

Steffi Wahl continued to look in good form in Heat 13 as she demonstrated more fluid wave riding to comfortably progress past Carmen Afonso Martin. The b-side saw Iballa Moreno end the hopes of Sara Sommer as the Spaniard produced a clinical performance, with the highlight being an amazing one-footed forward.

Amanda Beenen faced good friend Olya Raskina in Heat 14, but was able to temporarily put friendship aside to book her place in the last four. The Dutch girl rotated through a clean forward loop before delivering several vertical hacks to advance. Meanwhile, Daida Moreno, proved too much for Justyna Sniady as she rotated through a perfect backloop and slid through a stylish taka to continue her march towards top spot.

The forecast for tomorrows look brilliant with strong winds combined with bigger waves being predicted for the entirety of Day 3, which should hopefully see the world’s best wave sailors truly explode into action. The skippers’ meeting tomorrow morning has been called for 9 AM with the action commencing form 9:30 AM. Don’t miss any of what is set to be an epic day by tuning into PWA World Tour where you’ll be able to follow the action as it happens via the PWA live stream and live ticker.

Day 1: The women kick start proceedings in El Médano

The inaugural day of the Dunkerbeck-Eyewear Siam Park - El Médano - Tenerife PWA World Cup saw the sailors registering between 10 AM and 12 PM. Over the duration of the morning, the wind slowly built and by the late afternoon the women began their single elimination, after the juniors had earlier taken center stage. By the end of the opening day, all but one heat of the first two rounds has been completed.

Women’s - Single Elimination

The opening heat of the day saw Carmen Afonso Martin take on Lucy Robson on the a-side, whilst Sarah Bibby battled it out against Montse Collado. In the end, Afonso Martin proved too much for Robson, whilst Bibby produced an excellent display of sailing to dispatch of Collado.

Heleen Muijsers lined up against Maeli Cherel in the second heat of the day and it was Cherel who managed to progress. Cherel combined a forward loop with a couple of solid waves to end the hopes of the Dutch girl for now. Meanwhile, Olya Raskina safely negotiated her way into the second round after defeating Caterina Stenta.

In the last heat of the opening round, Sarah-Quita Offringa earned the highest scores of the day so far. The lady from Aruba launched into a big shaka before backing it up with a couple of good waves, as she showed that she will be a threat in the waves as well as freestyle and slalom. On the opposite side of the draw, Serena Zoia successfully advanced past fifteen year old Nicole Bandini, who was making her debut on the PWA World Tour.

Steffi Wahl looked in fine form in her opening heat of the contest against Sarah Bibby. The German demonstrated her fluid wave riding once more to accumulate the highest score thus far - 17.625 points - after also landing a clean forward loop. Meanwhile, Afonso Martin received a bye into the next round.

Iballa Moreno safely advanced into round three as she efficiently dispatched of Maeli Cherel. On her way to victory, Iballa showed off her powerful and aggressive wave riding whilst rotating through a perfectly executed forward loop, before launching into a big backloop, but unfortunately she couldn’t quite hold the landing. on the a-side Sara Sommer looked in confident mood as she defeated Caroline Weber.

Heat 11 proved to be the final heat of the day and in the end Olya Raskina and Amanda Beenen were able to navigate their way into the next round.


Marc Pare claimed the opening victory of the week in the youths division as he made a strong defense to his title from Pozo. The man from Catalunya landed a perfect, ankle dry backloop to move into the lead and he soon backed up his score with some stylish waveriding. Noah Vocker Roche finished a close second, whilst Romain Cordier and Gustav Haggstrom claimed third and fourth place respectively.

The forecast for tomorrow promises slightly stronger wind and waves, so the skippers’ meeting tomorrow morning has been called for 10 AM with the action commencing from 10:30 AM. Don’t miss any of the amazing action by tuning into PWA World Tour where you’ll be able to follow the event as it happens via the PWA live stream and live ticker.

- Text and pictures are courtesy of John Carter / PWA World Tour -