Quad 82 Wood, Windsurfing Journal (Germany), Yearbook 2013

On the beach:
The Quad is the allround waveboard by Starboard, promising fun in all conditions. The 82 is the middle one of the seven-board range. The Quads were all reworked for 2013 and the most eye-catching detail must be the new shape of the hull, consisting of a monoconcave. The board comes with two 11cm long, and two 13cm long fins.

On the water:
The relatively short shape lies stable in the water and even when shlogging we felt secure. As soon as the wind puts some pressure in the sail, you'll take off reasonably quick, especially for a Quad. For a Starboard, the feeling is relatively direct, which made us worry about our ligaments in some of the harsher chop. But despite that, the board remains in control over a wider windrange, yet offers decisive advantages as well in the light0wind area and smaller waves, thanks to its new monoconcave. There's hardly a board like it that allows you to cut your arches with so much commitment and control, but you're going to have to do it over your front foot. Blessed with four fins, there is tons of grip and eveon in side-onshore oncidtions you will accelerate faster from a top turn than you went into it in the first place. On a straight and in bump and jump conditions it mgiht feel a little sticky as a trade-off and doesn't invite you to jump for the third floor like its brother board, the Kode does. The Quad comes into its own in down-the-line conditions, where its hands on one of the best test candidates. Especially riders who don't want to be thrown around overpowered all the time but prefer smaller sails instead will embrace the boards drive.

The Quad is Starboards radical waveboard, which is very well suited for down-the-line conditions. Because of its planing performance and control, we liked it in Baltic Sea conditions. Its exceptional grip combined with sensational drive will get accomplished windsurfers raving.

length: 229cm
Width: 58.5cm
Volume: 82l
Weight: 6.64kg
Fins: G10, 2 x 13cm + 2 x 11cm

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