Roberto Hofmann Windsurfing Clinic - Sardinia Report

After the opener in Dahab, Egypt which attracted 38 students, the second Roberto Hofmann Windsurfing Clinic of 2013 took place on the beautiful island of Sardinia, this Easter. The main spot of the clinic was Porto Pollo (northern Sardinia), at the Sporting Club Sardinia, which has a huge selection of 2013 Starboards.

Here's the report for the Roberto "Clinic" Hofmann himself:

This clinic was a success! We had a whole week of strong westerly winds and the temperatures were still a bit fresh, but everybody was motivated to improve!

In the mornings, when the wind was a bit light, we worked on improving beach starts and did some theory work on the more complicated moves... Then, mostly in the afternoon, we tried some power jibes and other maneuvers. We had one day with 55 knots of wind and that was just survival! But the rest of the time, the wind in the afternoon was around 30 knots, which gave us plenty of time to make my 40 students learn a lot. This time, a lot of German windsurfers attended. The funny thing is that for them, this was a really warm place!!

I stressed the importance of choosing the right gear to my students. You have to ask yourself some questions before you buy something: What is really my level? Where do I sail the most? In what conditions do I sail most? What do I want to learn? Am I more the speed type or maneuver type? What size sails do I use most?... etc! Once you have an answer to all these questions, it makes it so much easier to choose the right kit! Because... Never forget! Windsurfing is the most fun sport in the world!

I enjoyed myself windsurfing on the 2013 Starboard range. On the strong days I was on my Quad 87 and on the medium days I was riding my Kode FreestyleWave 103. Having a Carve 121 with me and giving it out for testing gave me a lot of positive feedback from my students. The board planes very early and is easy to jibe.

Another great news for my students was the agreement I reached with the Starboard distributor for Italy: Every single windsurfer that joined my clinic got a voucher with which they can buy a Starboard in any official Starboard dealer in Italy and get an extra 10% discount!

I will keep you updated on my next clinic!

Ciao! - Rob