Team Starboard / Severne Sails wins the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2014

What a weekend for the Starboard and Severne Sails team! Two times PWA Wave World Champion Philip Köster won the wave event ahead of Glenn Alexander with Steven Allen winning the downwind marathon for his second consecutive victory. Congratulations! Find out how it all went down and watch a bonus video as well...!

Lancelin delivered some of the best conditions the tournament has seen for a long time. On Thursday, a 20 knot breeze combined with logo-high waves had spectators licking their lips as some of the best wave sailors headed out. The early heats saw a couple of shock results with local hero Jaeger Stone and another event favorite Scott McKercher both failing to progress passed the second round. Jaeger Stone was eliminated by Graham Wood while Scott McKercher fell to Glenn Alexander.

On the other hand, Philip Köster pulled off a remarkable double forward to secure his victory ahead of Glenn Alexander in the final of the elite wave competition. The runner-up, Australian Glenn Alexander actually scored a bit higher in the waveriding department but couldn't rival with Philip's aerial domination allowing the German teenager to take his first win on Severne! Graham Wood took third place, relegating last year's winner Ben Severne to a fourth place. The man behind the Severne brand was all smiles though as 9 out of the top 10 riders were on Severne Sails and the Top 4 were on Starboard!

Lancelin Ocean Classic Wave Elite Results:

1. Philip Köster (Kode Wave 87)
2. Glenn Alexander (NuEvo 73)
3. Graham Woods (NuEvo 73)
4. Ben Severne (NuEvo 92)
Jaeger Stone / Scott McKercher (Kode Wave 82) / Ben Proffit

On Saturday, following the kitesurfing competition, 118 competitors were greeted with 15 to 20 knots wind for the 25 kilometers downwinder slalom from Ledge Point to Lancelin. 10 time world champion Steve Allen has over come a dramatic false start to claim his second Windsurfing Marathon title in as many years at the Lancelin Ocean Classic on Saturday.

Steve Allen, who finished in a time of 29 mins and 59sec, was forced to regain his composure when a restart was called after a group of sailors apparently misheard the starting siren. The 40-year-old from Queensland said he was confident going into the race but was keeping a close eye on the fast finishing Isaac Devries who took out second place in a time of 30 mins 12sec.

“The start didn’t have too much of an effect on me, it was the seaweed that slowed me down more than anything. [...] I was just stoked to be the first back to the beach: the conditions were tricky, especially at the start, almost all of us carried seaweed off the beach except for Isaac but I was able to reel him in.”

Peter Volwater finished third in a time of 30 mins and 41sec, Perth local Jesper Orth in 4th place, while one of the event favorites and 41 time World Champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck finished fifth. The wave sailors didn't do too bad either as Scott McKercher grabbed a 16th place and Philip Köster finished 19th overall.

Overall, the top 6 places were dominated by Starboard iSonics...! And 8 riders in the Top 10 were on them... It's a first and positive proof that the boards work!

2014 Lancelin Ocean Classic Marathon Results:

1. Steve Allen (iSonic 117)
2. Isaac Devries (iSonic 130)
3. Peter Volwater (iSonic 107)
4. Jesper Orth (iSonic 117)
5. Björn Dunkerbeck (iSonic 130)
6. Daniel Engdahl (iSonic 117)
Luke Matthews
8. Leo Sharpe (iSonic 117)
Jonah Desforges (iSonic 107)
10. Ben Proffitt
11. Steven Stratfold
12. Chris Lockwood
13. Shane O'Neill (iSonic 117)
14. Matt Holder (iSonic 107)
Chris Adamson
16. Scott McKercher (Futura 111)
17. Ash Nicol (iSonic 101)
Ben Newson
19. Philip Köster (iSonic 110)
Adam Passmore

For more information, head over to the Lancelin Ocean Classic website by clicking here!