Ten Steps to Gybing with Peter Hart

Peter Hard and Dave White. The irrepressible duo is back in town combining their diverse talents to inspire you to the next level. For those looking to crack or improve the carve gybe, this is the one.

In ten chapters, it focuses on what’s really important. Excellent demos along with freezes, slow mos, graphics and an enlightening commentary, highlight the key areas.

Harty’s instructional style is legendary, whilst Whitey is the original motivator and a huge inspiration (especially to windsurfers with the fuller figure!). Filmed professionally by Acrobat TV, this program is in a class of its own. It’s informative, clever and, as you’d expect from these two, highly entertaining.

Have a taste here:

To order a copy, (£20 for shipments inside the UK and £22 for orders outside the UK) please get in touch with Peter here!

And for more information, head over to www.peter-hart.com.