Tuomo Naalisvaara & the Black Box

At the end of the day, it's all about the board under your feet and the rig in your hands. This nice little report from Tuomo Naalisvaara, our Finnish team rider, reminds it to us.

"I tried the Black Box for the first time last Friday in Finland, in extremely bad on-shore conditions, with a 5.9m². Board felt really loose and easy to keep up speed in not-so-powerful small waves. Last Saturday, I even won the Finnish Wavesailing Supersession on it!

Last Tuesday, I traveled to Hiiumaa in Estonia (a small island in the middle of the Baltic sea) for the Estonian Wave Championships. It was pure side-shore 10 to 15 knots wind with nice and clean 1.5 meter to 2 meter waves coming in every now and then. I had no other choice than to borrow the Black Box from my Finnish friend Timi Hellman for my heats, as I did not have that size of board with me.

The board was amazing and I won all my heats against the best Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian wave riders and won the whole competition! (EMV Surfkool Open 2013). I'm sure I couldn't have done that if it wasn't for the Black Box! It keeps speed and turns like a surfboard!

The funny thing was that when I was done with my heat, I would sail to the beach, and we would change sails in water and Timi would jump on the Black Box. After Timi's heat we did the same and I sailed again with that board and so on... Timi also sailed he's way to the losers' final, which he won. So he ended the competition in 3rd place!

And we did this with the same board! Except when both losers' and winners' final were sailed together... We almost fought about who could take the Black Box! I won the fight but I gave my 82-liter board to Timi which was big enough for him for the light conditions (I'm 80 kg and Timi is 70kg).

So in the end, Rautio Sports Finnish Wave Team took 1st and 3rd place in the competition and the Black Box definitely helped!

A very special thanks goes to the Estonian windsurfing friends! They have an amazing spirit and passion for windsurfing and also were sincerely happy to have fellow surfers come and visit their world class spot! The competition was really great and well organized, with the best windsurfers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania! Thank you and see you next time!"

Tuomo Naalisvaara - FIN 3

From left to right: Robbin Koppel (2nd), Tuomo Naalisvaara (1st), Kristian Kiisk, organizer of the EMV Surkool Open 2013 and Timi Hellman (3rd)