Video - One Weekend in El Medano with Albert Pijoan

Words from Albert Pijoan:

It's really nice living in this part of the world! You just check the forecast, choose the spot and take a ferry in the morning and head for a good session in one of the islands on the same day. The Canary Islands give an incredible range of conditions depending on the wind and the waves direction which allows sailors to enjoy all kind of windsurfing: really strong conditions in Pozo Izquierdo to big swells and light winds in the north shore of Fuerteventura. The clip was filmed during a light wind forecast this summer in El Medano, Tenerife where apart from the excellent conditions, you can enjoy a really nice town atmosphere.

I sailed mostly with the NuEvo 80 which is my intermediate board for 4.0m² up to 5.3m² conditions... Actually my favorite board to sail with! She is definitely one of the big reasons behind my progress since I started to use it last year after trying it during a magazine test. The compact surf shape really goes well in the waves and the maneuverability simply astonished me! I didn't want to give it back and when I got back home, I ordered it straight away. After using the NuEvo for so long, I can say that the range of conditions you can sail in is amazing; especially if you play and tune it with different fins! I love how it works with the Maui Ultra Fins on the X-Twin 15.5 cm model because the board gets that extra speed, especially in the cross on-shore conditions, in which I sail the most.

This year's NuEvo will cover all my quiver: from 73 up to 92 liters."