Video - Yorkshire Pudding for Timo Mullen

When North and North West winds hit the UK, it normally means on-shore conditions in Cornwall and off-shore on the South Coast. The coastline of Yorkshire is well known in surfing circles for having possibly the best quality waves in the UK; the only problem being the consistency of the conditions...

For windsurfing almost the same rules apply: it isn't epic all the time but when it is on, the conditions are as good as any of the more famous breaks in the UK. Timo often makes the 5-hour drive from his South Coast home in England when these sort of conditions light up. This time, he took the injured Jamie Hancock along for the ride and to capture the action. Footage is from Filey and Fraisthorpe; conditions were side to side-off shore at both locations and Timo was using a Severne Blade 4.2m² and a Kode Wave 77 and a Quad 74...

Yorkshire Pudding from Tam Mullen on Vimeo.

Thanks for the video. Good to see a video from a new spot in the UK... Is this typical of the conditions on the East coast of England?

Timo Mullen:
Yeah... I’d say this is pretty typical for the sort of forecast we had: really strong North winds always seems to produce something on that coastline, to be honest the way the forecast was shaping up we were expecting it to be a lot bigger than what it was! This size I’d say is what I normally wave-sail in when I travel to this coastline; it is always a really good fun size and really playful. Both spots are pretty popular with the local windsurfers in Yorkshire... I normally get the heads up from ‘Gump’ from Juice Watersports and Rik at Robin Hood Watersports if it's looking good so thanks to the guys for their local knowledge! There are loads of unexplored reefs and points to be had further north, right up to the Scottish borders if you are really keen, I’ve been exploring this whole coastline for nearly 10 years now and I’d have to say I’ve seen some jaw dropping conditions during that time.

We see that Jamie Hancock was the cameraman, was he not able to sail?

Timo Mullen:
Jamie broke his leg quite badly about two months ago just after the Tenerife World Cup so he has been going crazy about not being able to get on the water. Ironically, if he had not broken his leg we worked out that he probably would have only sailed 3 or 4 days in the last 2 months if he had been competing, due to the lack of wind at the last two events! Jamie makes some amazing videos so as he was injured I begged him to come along for the ride for the day and hopefully capture some good action. He drove a hard bargain on his day rate, but it’s hard to put a price on the pain it must have put Jamie through to be on the wrong side of the lens this time! I’m stoked with what he managed to capture and as usual my younger brother Tam did a great job on the edit and music choice.

Can we expect to see any pictures from the day as well as this video?

Timo Mullen:
Yes! John Carter, as always, came along to capture the day for Windsurf Magazine, so I think it is going to run as a special feature in the next issue, as with all the missions we go on there were plenty of disasters along the way! Phil Horrocks and Paul Hunt (PWA Judge) also joined us on this trip so there should be some epic photos as both of them were ripping!

What does Yorkshire Pudding stand for?

Timo Mullen:
Ha ha! Yorkshire Pudding is a famous savory food served with a traditional Sunday dinner in the UK. Industrial manufacturing and Yorkshire Pudding are what Yorkshire is most famous for!

We noticed you were absent from the Tiree Wave Classic this year... What happened there?

Timo Mullen:
I love Tiree so I was pretty gutted to miss out this year but my daughter had an operation in hospital booked right bang in the middle of the contest. Nothing serious but one of those times where it was much more important to be with my family. Luckily, it was windy pretty much every day at home so I didn’t miss out too much. I’m still trying to work out if I can afford to enter the PWA event in Chile. The new system makes it pretty hard to even get a spot in the trials never mind the main event, but I love the conditions there as it is so much like Ireland. Fingers crossed I manage to make it!

Would you prefer to see the old system in PWA waves again?

Timo Mullen:
Yeah... I think the new PWA system is good but you do need to have a lot of money to be able to afford to risk the trials for every event which normally an up-and-coming young guy will not have those finances available. This could mean that only guys with enough money rather than raw talent will be able to make it to all the events. Maybe a combination of the old wild card method and the new system would be good. Anyway the PWA sailors vote for all these new rules so it was chosen by them and can be changed by them! If it isn’t working out, I’m sure it will change!