Wilhelm reports - Wave and Slalom South Americans

This year, the Wind Brasil event celebrated its 15th anniversary, the event has happened in 7 different locations in the course of its history and hosted many championships in different disciplines such as  freestyle, wave, slalom and formula. 
This year, event organizer Arrow Marketing, decide to take the action close to the beach and hosted the South Americans Slalom and Wave IFCA championships in Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza.

The venue was set on what has become Fortaleza top beach lounge restaurant/bar, the “Guarderia” and sailors had a treat, from incredible breakfast and lunch served every day, to beach parties that started straight after racing. 
The event started with early skippers meeting, 5:30am, since the conditions for the waves are better early in the morning as in the afternoon the trade winds tend to turn onshore. For the slalom it was set at 10am every day.

Day 1: 
On the first day of competition only the slalom sailors hit the water as the waves were to small and the forecast for the weekend was much better with a swell hitting the coast. 
A total of 3 slalom finals were run on 10 to 16 knots of wind, with sailors taking their biggest equipment out. BRA999 Wilhelm Schurmann won the 3 finals followed closely by BRA5 Mathias Pinheiro, Victor Melo and BRA291 Henrique Barros (Jao Jao). 

Sailors again arrived at 5am to try and make the wave event, but unfortunately the wind wasn't there and after waiting until 10am, wave sailors were released for the day. At around 11am, the wind filled in nicely for the slalom with a steady 15 to 18 knots. Another 5 slalom finals were run and again Schurmann was on a role and won all the five finals, Mathias secured a few seconds and Henrique Barros overtook Victor Melo on the standing by nailing two seconds. 

Another early rise and shine at 5am skippers meeting for the waves, but this time it paid off and at 530am the first heats were on the water counting the two best waves on 15 minutes heats. Sailors took the biggest equipment they could find to try and make the most of the light side-offshore winds. On the first semifinals, Local sailor Levi Lenz advanced against Wilhelm Schurmann after scoring two good waves while on the other semi, Ian Mouro beat Lucas Padilha. 
On the losers final, Wilhelm and Padilha had a close heat with Schurmann just edging Padilha for the third place. 
The Final started but got postponed as the winds were just too marginal, after half an hour, the wind got slightly better and they re-sailed the final in which Levi Lenz took control over Ian Moura and got some nice waves showing that his local knowledge of the spot is spot on.
In the afternoon, the wind eased off and the chance for the double elimination or slalom was gone for the day. Those who had the energy stayed for the “Guarderia” party which started around 4pm and went on until midnight and had more than 1000 people.

Final Day: 
5am once again all the sailors ready for the start of the double elimination in waves, however, the wind was not to be and organizer waited until 11am to see if there was a possibility of making slalom or waves, but not a chance. At 12pm the event was officially over with award ceremony straight on the beach and lots of champagne. 

Wilhelm Schurmann on the event:
“ The event has been running for 15th year straight and as the only sailor to race on all the editions, I was stocked to win the slalom event and finish third in the waves, the organization was once again incredible and racing here in Praia do Futuro was very nice, especially with the “Guarderia” who provided a great event structure. After so many years racing in Ceara, I made some really good friends here and I feel like this is my second home. For the slalom, I was on my Isonic 117 wide and Neilpryde Evo 8.6 which felt great”. 

Wilhelm in the waves

Wilhelm and Mathias going neck to neck

Champagne time

Wilhelm coming out on top of the slalom ranking

Slalom Results 
1. Wilhelm Schurmann BRA999
2. Mathias Pinheiro BRA5
3. Joao Henrique (Jao Jao) BRA291

Wave Results
1. Levi Lenz
2. Ian Moura
3. Wilhelm Schurmann

Special thanks to the organizers Arrow Marketing and the Governement and Town hall of the state of Ceara:
Sucos Jandaia 
Strong Wind
Teka Lenz, President of the ABWS.
Bruno De Wanamaker, Principal race officer.
Bertrand Colfort and his crew who did a great job as race comity. 
Morlima for the Videos 
Didier Kelly for the pictures.
Mathias Pinheiro who is always a great host. 

Stay tuned for the next event. 
Brazilian Slalom GP and South American Freestyle championship in Camocim.

Best regards,


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