The SUPer Sail Package

SUP stand for Stand-Up Paddling, and the SUPer Sail package adds to the versatility of your SUP board. Not enough wind to go planing? Go windsupping! Plus, if you like downwinders on your SUP, you'll love windSUPping with the SUPer Sail package.

Unlike more complicated sails, the SUPer Sail package rigs up very intuitively, so new windsurfers and stand-up paddlers will appreciate the ease with which they can venture into this "new" sport.


Especially cut for light wind conditions, The SUPer Sails are easy to handle and more powerful than conventional sails in equal size. The SUPer Sail Package is designed to power SUP boards fitted with mast tracks and lightwind windsurfing boards (available in 6.5 and 5.5).

SUPer Sails 6.5
SUPer Sails 5.5
Dacron Luff Boom Recommend Mast
o 4.60 2.02 460 imcs 25
o 4.25 1.82 425 imcs 19

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