The SUPer Wave 8'10 - the ultra-compact, radical surfing shape with lots of volume and float, blending the best of lightwind wave riding as a windsurfer and a maneuverable surfing stand up paddle board in one.

As a windsurfer, it's the easiest and most efficient wave board that lets you catch waves non-stop, all day long, whether conditions are planing or not. With plenty of volume and float in the rails, there is no easier ticket to wave sailing.

As a stand up paddle board, the ultra-compact shape maneuvers and responds with a drive that longer SUP surfers just can't match.

The SUPer Wave: two totally new wave riding experience in one board, starting from knee-high waves, with or without wind. Thruster fin set up. Front footstraps can be used when windsurfing waves, for added control.

WindSUP Wave 8'10" Silver
Tufskin AST Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Weight (Tufskin AST)
o 142 271 80 48.3 11.7 Mono Concave 1 Starboard Hexcel 190 + 2 x FCS Hexcel 4.7 2 x Surfinz + US 8" 4.7-6.5 10.4