Thanks to windsurfing we have enjoyed 33 great years travelling around the world.

In the last 16 years home has been Thailand where we have our main development hub and also our largest manufacturing source. We started Starboard with the aim of continuing to be close to Windsurfing into the future.

The aim evolved to developing better windsurfing products and after 7 years we became the industry leaders maintaining our goal and position ever after. We want to broaden the sport, find new ways for people to enjoy windsurfing and ensuring that our equipment takes your skills further than ever.

Looking back, it's all about the team efforts, the loyal people that have stuck by our side for up to 15 years and the new crew that comes in to re energize our organization. Team riders transferring from rookies to World champs and then leading our development teams while interns learning the ropes end up as brand managers. It all shows that windsurfing for the most passionate is not only a sport but a lifeline altogether.

Looking ahead, there are so many new ideas to evolve and prototype boards to build. For right now please enjoy looking at the board collection we have prepared for the Autumn/Winter season. Coming soon is also my personal choice, the super light Carbon 7'11" light wind wave board that converts into a hard core paddle surf board. What about all the progressive and entry level boards that have made Starboard the brand for windsurfing pioneers?

You will find out soon in our Spring/Summer catalog coming out just before new year. Thanks to a great crew of people who strive to make Starboard products and services the best they have ever been - and thanks to those of you who continue to make our efforts worthwhile.

Svein Rasmussen

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