The Evo IQ extends the adaptable wave board concept to include the famous flowing rides of the single fin Evos and the twin fin skatey style.

Supplied with a single fin and leaving the twin fin set ups as optional, the Evo IQs prioritise straight line speed and acceleration with a solid fin grip. On the wave face, it's all unmistakably Evo: A comfortable ride that makes wave riding easier. Flow through tight turns and project big aerials off the lip . Maximise wave-riding performance in the widest variety of wind and wave conditions.

Single fin setting: straightline speed priority with a solid fin grip. Classic Evo performance.

Skate setting: For a more rail driven sensation where release of the tail is enhanced for new school sliding manoeuvres.

Starboard's new Slot Box: the new box system fundamental to the Evo IQ concept. Starting from a clean sheet, the Slot box is 70% lighter than the US box. This allows for multiple fin box configurations without excessive weight penalty. The Slot Box 13 has 3cm of adjustment room and current US based fins can also be cut to fit. The custom-manufactured bolts fit the same screwdriver as your footstraps, making them effective against sand, keeping the system simple and hassle-free.


WoodCarbon - the lightest, stiffest option;
Wood - extra light, rigid and with the test team's favourite feel;
Technora - light and stiff, and the best-priced option. See the Technology page for more details.

Shape: Forward Vee that spirals into reduced vee between the feet and ending in a monoconcave through the tail. The forward V makes it easy to initiate a rail into a turn by helping to tip the forward rail down as you lean forward. This aides the use of the front foot for better drive. This then blends into a monoconcave tail which channels and accelerates the water through the back of the board. Thus creating curve on the rail for a loose feel when turning, yet allows for a flatter rocker down the middle of the board for more speed and quicker planing. Evo rails are soft and rounded like surfboards - keeps the ride flowing and smooth.


  1. Fish scale pad grooving - unidirectional traction. Grips when you need them to, helps to release when you don't.
  2. New Deluxe straps by Drake - includes the convenient strap-size indicators.
  3. Heel Bumpers - for comfort and impact shock-absorption
  4. Double screws for the back footstrap - for extra strength New Starboard Slot Box fin system On the wave face, it's all unmistakably Evo - flow through tight turns and project big aerials off the lip.


Action Photos

Evo IQ 71
Evo IQ 76
Evo IQ 81
Evo IQ 86
WoodCarbon Wood Technora Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Wood/Carbon) Weight (Wood) Weight (Technora)
o o o 71 223 56 36.1 10.7 Flat Vee to Mono Concave 1 Drake Natural Wave 220 + plugs 2 x Slot Box 13 + US 8" 19-23 3.0-5.0 6.25 6.4 7
o o o 76 228 57.5 36.8 11.6 Mono Concave to Double Concave 1 Drake Natural Wave 230 + plugs 2 x Slot Box 13 + US 8" 20-24 3.5-5.5 6.5 6.65 7.25
o o o 81 233 58 36.5 11.7 Mono Concave to Double Concave 1 Drake Natural Wave 240 + plugs 2 x Slot Box 13 + US 8" 21-25 4.0-6.0 6.55 6.8 7.45
o o o 86 234 60.5 38 12.1 Mono Concave to Double Concave 1 Drake Natural Wave 250 + plugs 2 x Slot Box 13 + US 8" 22-26 4.5-6.5 6.8 7.05 7.65
Carbon/Wood Carbon/Wood/Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%