The Gemini is the World's first and only wide-style tandem board. Introduced in 2007, hundreds of Gemini have been adopted by resorts, schools and clinics around the globe.

The Gemini brings with it a unique windsurfing experience and for beginners, a totally new way to get into the sport. The new 2010 Gemini is now more than 3kg lighter thanks to the Star Touch deck finish that eliminates the need for a full soft EVA deck. The exclusive Starboard Star Touch deck finish is a textured PU clear coat that generates grip when wet, yet remains smooth and non-abrasive to the skin.

The Gemini for advanced windsurfers: it is guaranteed to make you laugh and enjoy the most unique ride of your life. It will also unlock amazing speed and power that will see you overtake the solo windsurfers on the water. It is the most social way to windsurf by miles.

The Gemini for beginners: feel the rush of planing and experience the basics of high-performance windsurfing from the first minute onboard. Simply get in the front with a smaller sail, and partner yourself with an experienced sailor in the back.

The Gemini for schools and centers: the Gemini is a wide, stable shape that offers a platform for both the coach and the learner to sail together. The beginner can also learn solo sailing with the coach sitting on the board. As a tool, it's a must and a fantastic way to start windsurfing.

The Gemini and the iDO: for 2010, the Gemini comes with the lateral screws that make it work with the iDO mast base system. The iDO can be used by a solo sailor using the centre mast track, or by a beginner using the front mast track.

When the iDO is used in the centre mast track by a solo sailor, you simply have the easiest windsurfing set up in the world ever. The board is so large and stable and the iDO keeps the sail upright that windsurfing becomes so easy it's almost silly.

When the Gemini is used with the iDO in the front, the combination of the two reveals one of the greatest potential to get beginners hooked within 10 seconds: to see beginners scream as they feel the sensation of planing and flying on the water instantly is simply incredible. It's just like tandem skydiving with a beginner. There's no need to learn or practice.

The instant thrill for everyone: the iDO Gemini

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Gemini Mark II
Tufskin AST Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended sail range Weight (Tufskin AST)
o 367 371 101.5 84.6 TBC TBC TBC Drake R13 Race 700 NR + Clipperbox daggerboard 570 + Drake Shallow 410 FRN Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox TBC 22.1
Carbon/Wood Carbon/Wood/Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%