The GO: the original progressive freeride board that offers stability, comfort and volume with a blend of high performance, speed and fun for the progressing rider. This simple formula, born out of the widestyle revolution that Starboard pioneered in 1998, places the GO as the board that marked the beginning of modern windsurfing design: no other board before it provided such ease of use, stability and performance for the average windsurfer.

In 2010, the Go boards share the same original formula and the same features that have made it so successful over a decade ago: a full EVA deck for comfort, multiple insert positions for beginners, intermediates and experts and carry handles in wider boards for convenient handling.

"Born in 1998, the GO from Starboard is undeniably the pioneering board of recreational fun Windsurfing. Fun, easy and with high-levels of performance, the GO keeps leading its little revolution so many years later! A true bestseller, the GO has found its public by making windsurfing both more accessible and higher performance."
Windsurf Journal, France

GO 175, 155: the GO boards with the most stability. These two models include footstrap positions for entry level and are supplied with an additional Shallow fin to help beach starting in shallow waters. For advanced windsurfers, with footstraps set in the advanced positions and fitted with their racing fins, these two boards are also the most powerful GO boards delivering some serious performance.

GO 144, 133: the perfect blend between stability and more maneuverability. The 144 and 133 remain wide and stable enough for more confident, progressing windsurfers, but also offer a more exciting ride, more maneuverability and more control in higher winds. Three footstrap positions are available: intermediate, advanced and expert.

GO 122, 111: these are more performance orientated freeride machines. They are fast and fun, with a wide wind range, early planing performance and class leading stability. Multiple insert options allow the board to be tuned for easy planing or maximum performance. Three footstrap positions are available on the 122, two options are available on the 111.


GO boards are made in Tufskin Technology. The outer layer is made from layers of 3-dimensional 400g glass mat wetted out with an expanding epoxy resin system which creates a thick, durable and tough skin. A half-deck 0.6mm thick wood layer covers the deck to improve the board's rigidity and impact resistance.

Ergonomics - all GO boards have plenty of dome in the tail section and footstraps positions available inboard: this offers full comfort and maximum accessibility in any strap setting.

Deep deck concaves (GO 111, 122, 133, 144) - the front half of the boards are shallowed-out with a deep deck concave to lower the centre of gravity, offer more control and provide a quicker response to foot steering pressure.


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Go 111
Go 122
Go 133
Go 144
Go 155
Go 175
Tufskin Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Tufskin)
o 111 240 68 43.1 11.8 cm Flat vee to double concave to flat vee 2 Drake Freeride Glide 380 S-FLEX Tuttle 30-42 5.0-8.0 TBC
o 122 244 72 47.3 12.5 cm Flat vee to double concave to flat vee 3 Drake Freeride Glide 400 S-FLEX Tuttle 32-44 5.5-9.0 9.34
o 133 247 77 49.2 13.5 cm Flat vee to double concave to flat vee 3 Drake R13 Race SL 480 S-FLEX Tuttle 40-50 5.0-9.5 10.02
o 144 246 79 50 12.5 cm Flat vee to double concave to flat vee 3 Drake R13 Race SL 500 S-FLEX Tuttle 42-52 5.0-10.0 10.65
o 155 249 85 59.5 12.2 cm Flat vee to double concave to flat vee 4 Drake R13 Race NR 520 S-FLEX + Drake Shallow 410* Deep Tuttle 48-58 5.0-10.5 11.97
o 175 253 91 62.4 14.4 cm Flat vee to double concave 4 Drake R13 Race NR 560 S-FLEX + Drake Shallow 410* Deep Tuttle 52-62 5.0-11.0 12.92
Carbon/Wood Carbon/Wood/Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%