In 2005, when the Serenity concept was first revealed to the World by Windsurfing magazine USA, development work by windsurfing brands and media exposure on light wind windsurfing and longboards no longer existed. The industry had only just started to get the hang of wide-style boards, those new designs that have helped windsurfers the World over to plane in less wind. Planing windsurfing was all there was for windsurfers to read about, talk about, preach and practice.

"The Serenity aims at ultra-light winds and cruising, and puts a modern spin on the simple elegance that helped windsurfing boom decades ago. It doesn't require a jumbo sail. It doesn't require pro-level skills to enjoy. Best of all, it doesn't require real wind for an exhilarating ride. Simply hop on, sheet in and go. In this regard, the Serenity succeeds, and succeeds in a big way. In terms of growing the sport, putting more sails on waterways everywhere, and offering everyone a form of windsurfing that's all the time and all fun, the Serenity provides a valuable wake up call." Eddy Patricelli, editor of WindSurfing magazine

Serenity set the course for the next chapter. Its concept of an uncompromised, lightwind-only hull shape measuring 460cm desgined for the modern age of windsurfing created shockwaves through the industry. It paved the way for longboards to make their return and ever since then, lightwind windsurfing gradually grew and grew. By 2008, raceboarding has grown more popular once more and new lightwind equipment has been launched by many brands: racing light wind boards, freeride light wind boards, beginner light wind boards, SUP light wind boards and so on. The global explosion of SUP in 2007 also stoked the fire for lightwind windsurfing further.

2010: the World of light wind windsurfing is well and truly back.

Starboard's Serenity

The Serenity is an uncompromised lightwind board designed to give the most exciting, lightwind ride in 1-10 knots. The board's design is inspired by racing kayaks and Division II boards of the 70s and 80s.

The Serenity is also about simplicity. This principle created a design that needed no retractable daggerboard, adjustable mast track or footstrap, thus keeping the board light and easy to use: just jump on, glide and go. And glide it does.

That feeling of gliding across the water with the power of the wind in your hands: no matter what level you are at, the Serenity will give a unique feeling of serene gliding, so beautifully simple, so smooth and so quiet as it cuts its way across the water. It glides like no other board. It sails like no other board.

Scott McKercher, wave sailing PWA champion: "I didn't realize that a part of myself was about to be reborn. I stepped on, locked in upwind, and the memories, sensations and feelings of youth came flooding back, mesmerized. Just watching the bow penetrating the water and the wave of water it created. Loving the way it varied as it came up and down through the chop. Or the perfect symmetry of the parting water on a glassy day. Watching water flow. Loving the look of a yacht's bow as it beat upwind. And that's where I lost myself. It felt surreal, a total departure from my normal windsurfing experience."

Escape from pressure. The Starboard Serenity.

Action Photos

Wood Sport Tech Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Wood) Weight (Sport Tech)
o o 256 460 61.5 16.9 10.4 cm Drake Race XL 700 + Drake Shallow 410 + Tail fin 135 Deep Tuttle + US.8 40-70 5.0-10.0 14.3 14.8
Carbon/Wood Carbon/Wood/Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%