Narrower quick-adjusting freeride/slalom straps. Softer flex and super comfortable. New Size Indicator Tabs makes strap sizing a breeze.

Wider double-flap straps shaped for wave/freestyle riders. Extra strong, holds its shape impeccably and features strap-size indicators for easy size adjustment.

Tuttle Box: The strongest and most reliable fin box system. Two bolts are used for a more secure fitting. Boards fitted with a Deep Tuttle fin box can use both normal and deep tuttle fins, allowing the board to use a wider range of fin sizes.

TOOL-FREE CLIPPERBOX SYSTEM: a simple clipping daggerboard system that is smooth and easy to operate. New feature: remove and fit the daggerboard by simply pulling it out and pushing it back in. Sand proof and reliable.

One screw fits all: air-valves, tuttle boxes, Slot box, US box, footstraps: a single screw driver fits them all. Simple.

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Extra-thick footstrap washer: for a firmer grip without distortion and reduced tendency for screws to become loose over time.

Sponge pads: super, super comfortable fish-scale pads with a sponge underlay that also exaggerate the deck dome for maximum grip and confidence.

Fish Scale Pad: unidirectional traction. Grips when pushing into the straps, releases when pulling out of the straps.

Heel bumpers: cushions landings, protects the board from heel impacts. Featured on the Quad IQ, EVO IQ, the Kode 68, 74 and 80.

Heavy-duty double-screw strap inserts: No twist. Super strong. Featured on the Quad IQs, Evo IQs, the Flares, the Kode 68, 74 and 80.

7x32mm Footstrap Screws: new extra wide footstrap screws for increased strength - never snaps nor rips out.

K9 Anti-twist plugs: sandwiched between the board and the strap, the K9 plug has four canine teeth that sink into the strap to provide a mechanical anti-twist effect.