Starboard Futura 122 Wood, Windsurfing Journal Test Special, 2010

On the beach: The 2011 Futura line ranges from 93 to 141 liters. The 155 liter-version was cancelled. The Futura comes in three different constructions: the super light and stiff WoodCarbon kind, the average weight Wood version and the most affordable but somewhat heavier Technora version. We tested the Wood version. The Futura in its fourth instalment is heavily inspired by the 2011 iSonics. Hard rail edges on the tail ought to guarantee top speed and planing characteristics. Reducing the roundness of the rails also created more planing surface. The deep deck concave stretching all the way form the mast track to the nose looks remarkable, and the orientation of the rockerline towards the iSonic creates the character of a freerace board. Good straps and hard pads, enabling you to feel connected to the board. The Futura 122 comes with a new, very goodlooking 42cm Drake Venom fin.

On the water: although the dimensions have hardly changed, the board made a leap forward in terms of speed. Keep in mind that we already deemed its predecessor a speedfreak. The Futura is probably the most performance oriented board of the test group, and in terms of top speed, nobody can touch it. We don't know how they do it, but Starboard manages to create an almost tedious feeling of 100% control and steadiness when you are right at the limit, giving the rider a sensation that he's taking grandma's car for a spin. But even though you're half asleep you're still overtaking everyone on the water. The low deck concave shifts the centrepoint of gravity towards the water and we really do feel this gives us more control. Your feet will need some time to adjust to this new deck shape when you are not planing. The 2011 Futura moved even closer to the iSonic without demanding more from its rider. But this means the other less performance-oriented boards from this group are more manoeuvrable. The Futura will glide through beautifully arched gybes, but you don't get to choose any radius that you like.

Pros: Slalomlike performance

Cons: manoeuvrability

Construction: Wood
Length: 246cm
Width: 72cm
Volume: 122l
Weight excl. straps & fin: 7.24 kg
Gramm per liter: 59.3 g/l
Official weight: 7.15 kg
Fin length (material/system): 42cm (G10, Tuttle)
Recommended sail sizes: 5.5 - 9