Starboard Futura 133 Wood, German Surf (Germany), Oct 2007

On land: The widest board of the test group features the timeless wood design and looks wider and a thin like the shape of a spoon. The noble Deboichet design fin fits into the bombproof tuttle box ( that has wider fin bolt recesses to offer more space for the fingers). In contrast to the previous model "Carve", the Futura has noticeable cut-outs under the wide tail. The straps are the most easy and fastest straps to adjust. The deck is very flat,?? altogether the board itself is very slim. The footstrap positions are very sport-orientated, but also suit beginners. The important moderate freerideposition in the back is missing.

On the water: The Futura should be the fusion of the legendary Freerideboard "Carve" and the fast Freeracer "S-Type" into one concept. With its outside footstrap position, the low but stable planing position and the efficient grip of the fin, the board does a good job in the sporty category. The board guarantees on all courses a safe and full grip, runs free easily and planes smooth with great control (stable on all axis) over the water surface. The board turns amazingly well and belongs to the?? best narrow turning boards but narrow will lose speed. To carve power jibes through, a very good technique is necessary when the board works excellent in wide jibes and the extreme stability helps power jibe students progress. With that, the board fulfills the second demand: it is easy to sail and the powerjibe can be learned easily. In our opinion, an additional back footstrap postion for the freerider without race ambitions is missing. The outside position is extremly race orientated and is not so easy to get in and out (but once you are in it fits great). The next inside position is positioned some centimeters further in front and inside and is not comfortable for long powered-up reaches.

Conclusion:Excellent in control, very stable planing freerider with race feeling.