Starboard Futura 122, Windsurf (UK), Jan - Feb 2008

TARGET: Intermediate to Expert/Pro: Good range of usewith early planing, comfortable speed, easy turns and good strap options for intermediate sailors through to quick performance with lively feel and great gibing performance for the more expert sailor quick yet controlled and great gibing.

AT A GLANCE: New for "08,the Futura, designed by Tiesda You, replaces the legendary Carve and the S-Type combining the best design featuresfrom those and the iSonic. Available in a D-Ram or Wood construction, it has good foot straps with "K9" anti twist inserts, deck pads with uni-directional grip fish scalepads"), mast track scale and good strap options for different level riders but no singlestap option due to the tail width."The outline shape is quite straight and fast looking as the width extends into the nose and tail and there aresmall tail cut outs."It comes with a superb Drakefree-slalom swift 40cm fin (Tuttle box) and a recommendation to have a second, smaller fin to "bring out the best of the board".

RIDE AND HANDLING: The 122 is one of the earliest to plane, rising smoothly and effortlessly and settling at a very comfortable speed that gives lots of confidence to the rider. Outboard and driving more against the edge of the board and the fin, the board releases further to reveala very quick top gear which is extremely easy to achieve. The main difference with the Carve is that the Futura feels much morecrisp and efficient while retaining the Carve's smooth control, both cruising and motoring. It sails very well on all points of sails, especially upwind and handles chop easily, gliding over the top. The board can handles bigger rigs easily and, rather than losing performance, seems to gain it and start to display superb freerace feel and performance. In overpowered conditions and heavychop the board starts to feel lively to the extent that the rider needs to pay more attention to board trim, but move outboard and lock the windward rail down, and the Futura respondswith blistering performance. When off the plane the board is also very stabe with good width and with its great flat deck.

MANOEUVRES: The Futura has very versatile gybing characteristics - easy for early level gybers with lots of room for the foot change and an easy, smooth arc, and great performance if driven hard into the turn, the rail slicing through any water state cleanly and the board comingout with plenty of speed. Tacking is very accessible as well with the wide, flat deck, which extends into the nose.

+ Ease of use combined with control and performance over a massive range, both in a straight line and in the corners The Futura really does have an even wider user appeal than the old Carve! Not much to fault, but lively feel in windier conditions and heavier chop might be less attractive to those who liked the very smooth feel of the Carve.

- Not much to fault, but lively feel in windier conditions and heavier chop might be less attractive to those who liked the very smooth feel of the Carve.

Length (cm) 244
Width (cm) 71.5
Vol (L) 122
Weight (Kg) 8.36
Fin Drake Freeslalom Swift 40 cm Tuttle Box
Sail Range 5.5-8.7 m