Starboard Futura 155 Wood, Windsurfing (USA), May 2008

WHAT WE LIKED: "What the light-air board test should be all about, " said one tester. The most light-air-dedicated board of the fleet took the gold medal in early planing - and blasted through lulls like they weren't even there. Some testers noted it carved an amazingly tight-radius jibe for such a large board.

BUYER BEWARE: One tester thought the fin could have been bigger. In higher winds, smaller testers found the width a bit difficult to control- but remember, it's the widest board in the fleet.

BETTER THAN THE FLEET AT: Being a big, wide board that gave
testers big, wide grins.

BEST SUITS: Multiple foot-strap options make the Starboard suited for a range of sailors from beginners to flat-water dragsters.

OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Tuttle fin box lets sailors experiment with super- size fins, dramatically increasing sail range. Deep double concaves keep the ride smooth and controlled.