Starboard Test Results from UK Magazine , Sep 2008

Starboard Kode 74

TARGET Advanced to Pro :

A Very well designed board that offers superb all–round performance for a wide range of abilities over a big range of conditions.


•          The wood/carbon edition with Aztec graphic.
•          Grippy, 'uni–directional grip fish scale' deck pads with integrated heel bumpers
•          Comfortable, easy to adjust Drake footstraps with leather uppers for better shape, 'K9 anti–twist strap                inserts' and double screw fittings for the back strap.
•          'recommended' setting on the mast track for easy mast foot positioning.
•          G10 CNC milled Drake Natural Wave 22cm fin (US box)
•          Slight dome in the deck for good rider positioning
•          A fairly drawn out plan shape
•          Thin pin tail


Rising quickly onto the plane, the Kode feels controlled, compact and engaging from the off. The footstraps and deckpads offer good control and comfort, while the board itself feels light, fast and eminently smooth over the water: the pronounced vee in the underside doing a very effective job. Even as the wind increases and the sea state worsens, the Kode still feels fantastically composed, allowing the rider to focus on what he/she is doing or going to do off the next ramp or on the next wave! The speed, lightweight construction of the board and its compact nature all combine to make the 74 great in the air, whether off chop of sizeable ramps; feeling floaty, controlled and willing the rider to try something.


For tacks the Kode offers great foot placement around the mastfoot with good width and a flat deck, and in gybes the 74 provides smooth clean arcs that are best attained through an assertive style, although it will still work for slightly more reserved, back–footed gybers.

In waves:

The Starboard offers a very good blend of easy performance and radical potential on tap, specifically providing the rider with a smooth bottom turn that can be tightened up nicely and an effortless top turn/cutback, which can be made fantastically snappy and/or slashy as required. Excelling in sideshore to onshore, small waves to healthy swells, the board will even offer reasonable performance in mushy conditions, albeit never revealing its true potential.

(+) A great all–rounder in the waves that is designed well and effortless caters for a large range of abilities in a wide range of conditions.

(–) Not much to fault…one of the testers'favourites!

Starboard Evil Twin 80

TARGET Advanced to Pro:

A great wave all–rounder offering good tutoring through to fantastic loose performance for the more experienced: a well designed board with a superb range for users and conditions.


•          Wood carbon construction with an Aztec finish
•          'Recommended' mast foot setting on the mast track
•          Comfortable, easy to adjust footstraps with leather uppers for better shape and a double screw&nbps;               attachment for the back strap
•          Grippy 'uni–directional grip fish scale' deck pads with integrated heel bumpers
•          Slight dome on the deck for good upright rider positioning
•          2x G10 CNC milled Drake Evil Twin 16cm fins (US box)
•          Rounded plan/outline shape
•          Swallow tail


When up to speed the Evil Twin settles at a good pace, feeling controlled, light and fun underfoot. Not the earliest to plane due to its twinser nature, a slightly wider swallow tail, alongside concaves in the hull still give the board and edge over others in this group. Despite being only 2 litres larger than the Fanatic, the Evil Twin's 80 litres can definitely be felt, giving the rider a sense of security as well as that of compact fun. Not the fastest, this does not impair it's sense of adventure: jumping well as it is light and controllable in the air. When the wind picks up and water state worsens, the Evil Twin doesn't break sweat: integrated heel bumpers in the deck pads smoothing most harshness away.


For gybes and tacks the board works well; width around the mast foot and a flat deck encouraging good foot placement when tacking, and a smooth carving arc making it a pleasure to gybe, whether driven into the turn, or sailed more off the back foot.

In waves:

Super loose and quite slashy, the Evil Twin is very different from the more traditional Evo. Bottom turns can be tightened up and top turns are a joy with the board snapping back and sliding out for a great loose feel. It excels in small to moderate waves, whether onshore or side shore, but doesn't hold enough speed and directional stability for full on firing conditions. A slightly wider tail will allow for more reserved technique and use in more mushy onshore conditions to good effect, demonstrating a good range of usage.

(+) A well constructed and designed board that performs fantastically for a very wide range of users in a good range of conditions

(–) The 80–litre version of the Evil Twin can feel a bit bigger than the others in this group, especially when the wind and sea state pick up: in these circumstances, sailor may wish to look to the 74l version.