Starboard Kode 74 WoodCarbon, German Surf (Germany), Jan - Feb 2009

Short Characteristic: The KODE no longer has the classic down the line status of the prerunner ACID, got more turnability and is suitable in more conditions. But still the board convinces with real strength at spots with big waves and / or strong wind.

On land: the Starboard Kode arrived in the latest Carbon-Wood-Version, which gives the board a very stiff hull. Additionally the board is the lightest inside the whole testgroup. The board got more compact ( a bit shorter / wider), the shape of the 74 Kode has its origin in the radical waveboard Acid. The rails are thin and very much rounded, rounder than the rails of the Evil Twin. The shape in the bottom has a continuous , strong formed, partly rounded V. Our testboard were equipped with the 2008 footstraps, which were limited in it’s size for big feet (problems for sailors with big feet or shoes).

On the water: Compared to the well known, old Acid the Kode has been changed in three items. The board runs harder, more direct, perhaps because of the new Carbon construction. When planning against the waves the board does not go off that great, but it can win points in terms of turning performance with less speed and on the back foot. Its trackability along the rail in wide turns and huge waves is still the benchmark of all classes. Just the Lorch board can catch the performance of the Kode a bit .Compared to all other board inside the testgroup the Starboard Kode does not reach the same liveliness like a Fanatic or Tabou. But in big waves and very strong wind the Kode can perform in its full strength. It’s the board with the best control and can be turned more narrow than the Lorch. In situations of overpower in the sail and at topspeed down the line the Kode can be turned soft at its rails and with a lot of control. The radius in turns can be varied quite well.

SURF-Tipp: suitable for radical big wave conditions

Material/Production: Gelcoat-Sandwich
Fin : Drake Wave 22.0 cm / US-Box / G10
Volume: 74 liter
Weight: 5.30 Kg
Length: 234.5 cm
Width: 54.0 cm