Starboard Futura 93 Wood, Wind Magazine (France), Feb - Mar 2009


The Starboard Futura 93 Wood has the usual Starboard equipment with the Drake straps and fin: quality stuff. We also once again appreciate the design care that Starboard shows in the details, for example the visual tuning aids.

Right away, you see that the control of this board is totally mind-blowing. We don't know if it is the consequence of the lowered deck but this Futura never tilts and rides like it's on tracks. Riding the board is child's play since you only need to sheet in and sit in the harness to blast. We can really compare this to automatic pilot. It is the best performing board upwind together with the Eagle 100. The natural top speed is very high and on all tacks. Riders with good skill levels can push it far and discover exceptional performances for a freeride board, in high winds and heavy chop, thanks to its super glide and a really reassuring stability. The disadvantage of this automatic pilot is reduced liveliness at the tip of your toes. It's a bit less reactive than the average. Still, it has a smooth jibe, easy, and it can be carved hard to deliver full speed exits. In the end, this Futura 93 proves to be extremely high-performance, but very accessible in the way it rides. Less fun in terms of reactivity and maneuvering, it is for performance-orientated riders looking for efficiency.