Starboard Futura 122 Wood, German Surf (Germany), Jun 2009

Short characteristic : Very modern feel. The flat, wide shape is extremely easy to accelerate - at all sailing levels. The board can carry a 8.0 m2 sail very well.

Intermediate 5 of 5 stars

Freeride 5 of 5 stars

Freerace 5 of 5 stars

Planing (Start) : 13 of 15 points (Excellent)
Planing Through : 14 of 15 points (Excellent)
Speed in Medium Wind : 13 of 15 points (Excellent)
Top Speed : 13 of 15 points (Excellent)
Control : 13 of 15 points (Excellent)
Sporty Powerjibe : 12 of 15 points (Good)
Beginner Powerjibe : 14 of 15 points (Excellent)

On Land: The widest board of the testgroup has improved footstrap positions. Starboard has introduced "normal freerideposition", which has been missing in the last years test. A middlestrap does not exist, but does not make any sense on a board with such a wide tail construction. The nose is extremely thin, the concave deckshape collects water like a bathtub for birds. The bottom shape has a deep double concave far back to the finbox, with a very visible V upfront.

On Water: The FUTURA 122 convinces with good control and excellent average speed. The planing position does not feel as free as on the FUTURA 133. However, the board can be kept in good control all the time and accelerates without a lot of effort. It feels extremely stable and it always seems to find the perfect planing position automatically. The board feels comfortable cushioned below the feet. This fact boosts the comfort in sailing while topspeed. When turning the wide shape does a relaxed and comfortabe job, but stays very safe on the rail. Just in narrow speedy turns the board is limited compared to the "needles" of this testgroup (66-69 cm versus 71 cm width).