Starboard Quad 76, Windsurf Magazine (UK), Sep 2009

Starboard has created and incredible beast that almost makes you feel like you're cheating windsurfing.

You'll like... The brilliant speed and control you have both on a wave and in the air

You wont like... Sailing the 76 in fully maxed out 4m weather: it was definitely a large 76l board

Why not try... Adding this to your next comfort spending spree, it's defintely high up on ours!


Having surfed quads I know how much speed and power they can produce, I was interested to see if those qualities could be introduced to a windsurf board too. From the beach you're straight on the plane, vee in the base and a lot of width helping the board stay focused while you find the straps. Then as you crank upwind the directional stability is incredible. Pointing as high as the new twin fins, where upwind performance has also been improved this year.


With width and speed, jumping is certainly one of the Quad's strong points, but it's true identity is as one of the smoothest, fastest, most controllable wave boards we have ever ridden! Before you set off down a wave, owing to it's staight line control, it feels like you are going to have a hard time pointing the Quad in the right direction, but then you move over the board and switch your weight on to your toes and it changes into a completely different beast! The rails are relatively sharp, but with four fins you can commit a lot harder to your bottom turn and turn as tight as you like. Staying smooth and powerful, you seem to arrive at the top section faster than you dropped in and off the lip the Quad releases a huge amount of power.


Starboard has created and incredible beast that almost makes you feel like you're cheating windsurfing. It makes wave sailing down the line and in cross onshore winds seem easier and fun!


"The Quad 76 is a synthesis of the Kode, Evil Twin and Evos: the fast and early planing rocker comes from the Kodes, but with tail kick from the Evos." Tiesda You


"The Standard fins are 15cm at the front, but smaller riders may prefer 13cm or 11cm. The back fin can move forwards or backwards by 7 mm: this adjusts the drive and turning radius" Tiesda You