Starboard Futura 122 WoodCarbon, Windsurf (UK), Mar 2010

Volume (L) 122
Weight (KG) 8.0
Length (CM) 245
Width (CM) 72
Construction: WoodCarbon
Fin (CM) 400 Drake Freeride Glide

You'll like… the exciting and nerve tingling performance with the capability to mix it up on the race course.
You won't like… Experienced riders will really struggle to find any faults here.
Why not try… Racing in some slalom events!


This is the 3rd generation of the Futura and it comes in 4 different constructions, Tuff-skin, Technora, Wood and the model which we tested was Woodcarbon, the lightest and stiffest in the range as well as the most expensive. The Futura is high tech with a futuristic shape and appearance. It has a hollowed out deck in the nose area and reduced thickness to lower the centre of gravity but with a swollen deck dome in the stance area around the footstraps to elevate the rider into the best position. The hull design features a fairly deep double concave into vee in the tail. For 2010, the 122 has become a little longer, has a more rounded off nose and it has a slight winger shape, tapering off to a narrow tail with new cut-outs underneath. It features the usual high quality, easy to adjust and comfortable footstraps along with soft, grippy, fish-scale foot pads, Drake fin and exposed carbon graphics to finish it off.


The Starboard is very stable under foot thanks so its width. Due to the double concave hull shape it lifts up onto plane quickly and easily, allowing you to go for the footstraps early. From the footstraps you really appreciate the deck shape and dome, it’s extremely comfortable and you always feel in complete control, giving you heaps of confidence to push harder and harder towards the limits. The sensation you get while blasting along is fast and thrilling, it is quick and it feel it! It delivers slalom style performance without needing heaps of technical input from the rider. Through lulls it holds planning well and it handles the gusts with ease, by simply accelerating even faster, the light hull weight being the reason.


The Starboard handles corners superbly, thanks to a thinner profile and a narrow tail You get heaps of feedback through the turn, giving you confidence to crank the board round as hard as you like. Riders of all levels and gybing styles will enjoy the turning characteristics of this board.


This is a high performance freerider. With its outstanding manoeuvrability, control and exciting top speed this board has lots to offer all levels of windsurfer but will best suit advance - pro level riders. A hit with the testers.