Starboard Futura 111 Wood, Windsurf (UK), Apr 2010

Starboard Futura 111
Volume(L) 111
Weight(KG) 7.4
Length(CM) 240
Width(CM) 68
Construction Wood
Fin(CM) 380

You'll like...

The exciting and controlled ride

You won't like...

Nothing. Does exactly what it claims to do.


The Futura has been in the Starboard line-up for 3 years now, after replacing the popular carve and S-Type boards to create one high performance pure freeride range. For 2010 the 111 has undergone a few slight tweaks to improve its top speed and acceleration.


The Futura has a compact, short and wide out-line shape, with its width extending forward to the rounded off nose. The tail tapers in very narrow and features cut-outs on the underside to reduce the wetted area. The hull design has a subtle double concave into vee for early planing and control at speed. It has all of the usual quality fittings, such as, fish scale footpads, comfortable straps and a Drake fin.


The Futura is very stable under foot due to its width and even volume distribution. The double concaves in the mid section respond rapidly, lifting the board quickly and efficiently up onto plane. From the footstraps the deck shape and dome fit your feet superbly. It offers a comfortable and great riding position to allow the rider to push and drive hard off the fin. The harder you push, the faster you'll go. It is very easy to make this board perform and it never feels out of control but at the same time it does give you the thrilling sensation that you are close to the edge. Tiesda You, Starboard designer, says this is his Futura favourite, "This board has a massive wind range so make the most of it by having a quiver of three fins".


The Futura rewards any style or level of gyber. With the thinner profile and narrow tail you get lots of feedback through the turn which enables you to go in as hard or as fast as you like and you should still come out the other side planing. It also handles rougher conditions well and can be a lot of fun to get airborne. Tacking is also easy with the wide nose but beware, it's not very long.


A great freeride board with performance that can hold its own on the race course, in the right hands. It is fast, user friendly, manoeuvrable and exciting, what more can you ask for!