Starboard iSonic 150 Wood, German SURF (Germany), Aug 2010

Starboard iSonic 150 Wood

On land:

Until the 133, the Worldcup Models from the iSonic series become shorter the bigger they get. The 150 however, was kept a little longer for better all-round characteristics.

On the water:

When it comes to passive planing, the wide iSonic approaches the JP-Australia Super Light Wind, but compensates this with better speed characteristics and surprisingly good behaviour through its gybes. The straps still provide enough control from their newer, more centered position, and are very easy to step into. Even though it's rather wide, the board feels safe, doesn't buckle and lies down flat on the piste. It requires almost zero effort on the move, which makes it so inviting to cruise around with. Applying pressure on the fin will let you accelerate though.


A slalom board with comfy options. For committed light-wind racers and advanced freeriders.