Starboard Evo IQ 76 Wood Carbon, WIND (France), Oct 2010

Starboard Evo IQ 76 Wood Carbon, WIND (France) Oct 2010

"Waves for all with an option for slashing"


This year marks the big comeback of the Evo to the Starboard range. Evolved into a convertible twinzer - single fin, the new Evo IQ also comes with plugs that allow you to close unused boxes. It's also the board with the widest tail in this group and the only one featuring a swallowtail.

On the water

The Evo IQ is the only single-fin board of the group this time around, but it can be converted into a twinzer. Regardless of its fin configuration, it will plane easily. It has great upwind capacity and she also lies a little higher in the water than the other multiple-fin boards in the group. If those characteristics allow it to be more comfortable in a straight line than the others of the group, it's a trade-off with choppy turns, as the fins being further away from the edge make it a little less tolerant. In the surf, bottom turns are great, and if you put in enough back foot, the exits are especially rewarding. Put it in twin mode, and you'll be able to slash pretty hard for its volume. Some will people love this, and others won't. Appreciated by everyone is its automatic speed, even in soft, sloppy chop. Its compact form makes it tolerant, which is why you can push its tail so hard on a turn. Last point, with a single fin this board is the board most at ease with many jumps.


The Evo offers versatility and accessibility for the masses. Because of its rails that will guide you through those long bottom turns, we recommend if for side on-shore and on-shore conditions with little waves. Single or twin? It depends on you and your style. Old-school or skatey, they both work.

Plus: Accessible, versatile, onshore conditions, great bottom turner

Cons: Less responsive in the surf, less surfy in single fin mode