The majority of windsurfers learnt to windsurf through a friend or family. In the eighties and early nineties, most windsurfers were riding longboards that carried lots of volume. So friends and family who wanted to try windsurfing could jump on board and give it a go. Many of us got hooked and sharing windsurfing couldn't be easier. Today, the majority of windsurfers own small windsurf boards designed for high performance planing in high wind conditions. Effectively, we lose an important natural mechanism that otherwise sustains and grows our sport.

Starboard's Friends & Family program allows those of us who windsurf already to borrow a GO, Rio or SUPer at any participating Starboard shop, so that we too can share windsurfing with our friend and family.

Sharing windsurfing: Starboard's Friend and Family program.

Click here to visit the list of shops you can contact about the program.