Dear Readers,

Our intention with this page is to "spread the word" on where to find the best windsurfing spots on the planet. We need your help to collect all this information, and invite you all to join us in a little "Travel guide" competition. Send us a short description of your favourite spot(s), preferably with some pictures, and we will post it on this page. We all know famous places like Hookipa, Hood River and The Canary Islands, but there are so many hidden gems out there: Remote islands, undiscovered beaches and natural windy places that maybe very few, if any - have sailed. If you have a good story for us from one of those "bucket list" spots, please share them with us. We need a short travel guide, (how to get there) as well as a description of the local conditions, where to wine and dine, where to crash at night, price levels, availability of rental boards/repair service and all relevant information you can think of for those riders who want to follow your path. Don't worry about spelling and grammar. We will edit the stories, and post them as they come - in the name of the author.. We will open this page as soon as we have received some awesome tips. With your help, we will be able to create a very exiting guide to our "Lonely Windsurfing Planet". New locations will be added continuously as we receive the material.

Thank you for your participation!

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