Suddenly I was standing on a very long, very heavy board, spending 50 minutes uphauling a 5.4 meter rig with a lovely teak boom. It was hard work and the Norwegian water was cold as my 35 kg body did not fit well in my brother-in-law's 8mm diving suit. But the sensation of gliding along on top of the water, holding the wind in my arms is still hammered into my mind. I remember the slight forward motion with small bubbles in the wake behind the board, and there I was, gliding into the Norwegian summer recognizing that this was the journey of a lifetime.

Over the 33 years of the sport's evolution we have been involved in 16 of them as windsurfing developers, striving to make better equipment and campaigns for every riding style.

The very first time one tries windsurfing one decides if there will be a second time, thus our crew keeps on developing the best gear for an easy entry into our sport.

The key to our high performance board range is the focus on shapes that are effortless to ride and further combining those shapes with technologies that are forgiving and offer good rebound characteristics for speed and acceleration.

Which of our brand new boards are we most the most happy with for 011?
The all new Rio M and L. They have kept the wonderfully shaped contour deck with comfortable inside standing position. The new lower rocker and longer hull makes it glide effortlessly in light winds and it comes very early onto a plane with hardly any effort. My second choice is the new Go 151, it's a dream machine, early to plane, a fun stable platform with incredible jibing characteristics. Third choice is easy, the new 8'11" SUPer Wave; get one and you'll have doubled your days wavesailing and found a new way to enjoy the no-wind wave days.

On the other side of the coin, take the new iSonic's for a spin, its simply a new adventure in high performance and everyone who have tried one agrees. There has never been so much positive buzz around a race program before and I would like to thank Remi Vila, Tiesda You, Scott McKercher and our workshop crew for keeping the midnight oil burning to deliver that extra performance edge that made Starboard a World leader in windsurfing for the last 9 years or so.

Thanks for making our journey possible and welcome on board for 2011.

Svein Rasmussen

"It's not a stretch to call Svein Rasmussen the leader of a cult. He's got all the signs. Unbridled enthusiasm. Outlandish ideas. A corporate compound in a far-off land. Followers who tattoo his brand's logo on their bodies. He's is one of the most widely recognized windsurfers in the world and possesses the mind responsible for some of the craziest ideas our sport has ever seen. Svein Rasmussen may have saved Windsurfing once. Now he is trying to save it again."
Windsurfing magazine USA 010

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