Kode Freestyle Wave 86 Carbon, PlancheMag, August 2013 [EN-FR]

For 2014, the Kode Freestyle Waves have only been tweaked. The goal was to keep the characteristics everyone loved while improving a few aspects such as control and liveliness. The 86-liter model has seen its nose shortened by 3 cm. This tweak improves reactivity and control, making a lot more fun carving, jumping or freestyling. For more information on the new Kode Freestyle Wave, click here.

This test review is an excerpt from a special "2014 Novelties Test" featured in the August/September edition of Planche Mag!

Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave 86 Carbon: "Playful and extremely reactive"

Length: 232 cm
Width: 59 cm
Width at 30: 38.4 cm
Fin System: US Box / Drake Freewave 26 cm G10
Sail Range: 4.0m² - 6.0m²
Weight: 6.5 kg
Available Sizes: 86, 94 and 103
Available Technologies: Carbon, Wood and Technora

The Kode Freestyle Wave is a very light board which planes very early, accelerates quickly and with power and offers an impressive top-speed for a board in a freestyle-wave program.
"Très légère, elle décolle très tôt au planing, avec une forte accélération et surtout une vitesse impressionnante dans ce programme."

The Kode is comfortable underfoot. It rides high on the water, with a nice air cushion sensation when going through chop which was quite enjoyable. It never requires too much leg effort.
"La Kode est comfortable sous les pieds. On navigue assez haut, avec une sensation de coussin d'air très agréable sous les pieds dans le clapot, sans forcer dans les jambes.

The Starboard is playful and extremely reactive to foot pressure when entering a turn or when changing trajectories. Another strong suit of the Starboard is its ability to jump and take off from the smallest chop.
"Elle est joueuse et extrêmement réactive aux pieds en changement de trajectoire et pour entrer dans la courbe. Autre point fort, un superbe appel de saut pour jumper le moindre clapot."

In the waves, it is lively and responsive but not as composed as some wave-oriented freewave boards although it has a good back-foot pivot and the volume and power to string together turns on small waves. The Kode keeps a good amount of power under the back foot to quickly speed out of surfs and jibes.
"Dans les vagues, elle est très nerveuse, pas aussi saine que certaines freewave, mais elle possède un bon pivot arrière et du jus dans les petites vagues pour enchaîner les lacets: on sent que l'on a du gras sous le pied arrière pour relancer vite."

Very light under foot, way more maneuverable and playful than a freeride board, the Kode Freestyle Wave is also extremely fast (a reference in its category) with a comfortable ride in the chop and strong jumping abilities. The Starboard is a reference in bump & jump conditions that easily crosses over into the waves or freestyle.
"Très légère aux pieds, bien plus maniable et joueuse qu'une freeride, la Kode Freestyle Wave est aussi rapide (un référence dans sa catégorie), avec du confort dans le clapot et un gros appel de saut, que ce soit sur le plat ou le petit clapot. Une référence en bump & jump, avec la possibilité de déborder sur un programme freestyle et vagues"

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